Free Pastry Day at Starbucks

If I haven’t found time to head over to McDonald’s to take advantage of their sweet-ass freebies this past couple of Mondays, then you know I ain’t gonna get up early to get me a free pastry at Starbucks either.

Free Pastry Day @ Starbucks!

But, just in case some of you early birds are up and about in time mañana, you should know that the beleaguered brewers from Seattle are offering up a free pastry to anyone who orders a drink (including, I think, brewed coffee) between the time that they open in the morning and 10:30AM. Not bad, huh?

I mean, hey, if you’re going to Starbucks anyway, why not partake in a little recession-friendly freebie? So, though Greta and I will probably just be rolling outta bed (and crib/co-sleeper) when this deal expires, here’s hoping some of you get your free scone on big time!

Oh yeah, and I think you might need a coupon, so, make sure and download one here before you head out in the morning. Enjoy!


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4 responses to “Free Pastry Day at Starbucks

  1. Melissa

    I was really excited when I read the title and thought I could go out and get a pasty…not as excited when I found out it was a pastry. Oh well. ; P

  2. Melissa

    By the way — yes, I am giving you grief over your missing “r”, but seriously, I love pasties! I think I will make some next weekend.

  3. And here I was thinking it was “pasty” like the kind strippers wear. Now, that would be quite a sight at Starbucks!

  4. OMG…don’t know how I missed that! I think I confused this post with the free pasty giveaway at Jumbo’s Clown Room next week. My bad…

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