Welcome Center

Christine and I have talked about starting a personal blog now for years, but our problem was always the issue of blog-worthiness. What could we possibly add to the blogosphere that wasn’t already said a million times over?

Then we went to Graceland for the 30th anniversary of the King’s passing and all of our hesitancy about blogging flew out the window…forever. Memphis was magical, inspiring, food-tastic and best of all, truly blog-worthy.

So, welcome to the first officially sanctioned beastandbean blog. Here you will find an ongoing catalog of all the strange and spectacularly nerdy things we love to make, see, eat and do. Enjoy!

6 responses to “Welcome Center

  1. James

    Ah the blog bug. Now you have it too! 🙂

    Welcome to the club Beast and Bean!

  2. Melissa

    Hey guys! I can’t wait to have the time to read all this. I just moved and am working on getting all my stuff put away. Not to mention that I have to drag myself away from my nephew to do anything else…give me a call; I’d love to catch up!


  3. Ginger

    Ah…dreams DO come true!! You two finally have a blog – woohoo!! I’m super excited to read and see pics of all of the exciting events in your lives, as well as the stories of your times simply “buying bread” together.

    The amazing blog adventure begins…

  4. Laura

    Welcome aboard!

  5. Leslie

    I wanted to congratulate you both on the “good news.” I’m so happy for you both. Now Caitlin will have a little friend to play w/ when we go to LA.

  6. Hi!
    I’d love to feature Greta’s nursery at Baby Lifestyles. Please email me if you are interested to discuss further. Awesome job on it! Tara

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