Southern Style Chicken Sandwich @ McDonald’s

Hooray! After weeks of longing to try the lunch and dinner counterpart to the delicious Southern Style Chicken Biscuit at McDonald’s…we finally tried the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, and all I can say is…wow!

Though nowhere near as lip-smackingly good as the breakfast biscuit, this is a truly tasty chicken sandwich for the ages, amigos. Seriously, this shit is delicious, and could that chicken breast be any bigger? Whoa, love to see the juicy-ass chicken that came from!

Anyway, as with the Southern Style breakfast biscuit, the key to this bad boy is simplicity. There is no mayo, no special sauce, hell, there’s not even any lettuce on this thing. Just a pickle, a bun and the best damn fried chicken breast money can buy. Really, that chicken was so juicy you didn’t need mayo. Delicious!

And did I mention the size? I actually thought that our gigantic chicken sandwiches were some kind of anomaly or something, but after carefully scrutinizing the chicken breasts of our fellow diners, I am happy to report that big old chicken breasts are the norm now at McDonald’s. Yeah!

And even though the initial flood of free chicken sandwich coupons have expired — many thanks again to Tevana and Natalie for keeping us so well-supplied with those things! — the legacy of this crazy good Southern Style Chicken marvel is just starting to spread…so, watch your back Chick-fil-A!


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3 responses to “Southern Style Chicken Sandwich @ McDonald’s

  1. OMG, I love you guys.

    And we don’t even eat MickeyD’s (we’re a Fatburger/In-n-Out family) and yet…WANT.

  2. I hate to rain on your parade, but I had one for lunch a couple of weeks back (I too used the free coupon), and it was okay, but it wasn’t the second coming of Christ or anything.

    Those chefs at McDonalds are going to have to work a little harder to impress me.

  3. Melissa

    Chefs. Okay, James.

    Yeah, I have tried both versions and am not impressed. Admittedly, I do have some kind of bizarre issues with chicken, which is part of the problem with these, but I tend to really enjoy fast food breakfast sandwiches (I’m trying to quit) and I like the McChicken. So I thought these had a chance. I think the presence of pickle on the non-breakfast version and the lack of condiments on both are not helping.

    Oh well…it’s kind of a good thing to not like new menu items in fast food restaurants, right?!

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