UPDATE: Southern Style Chicken Biscuit @ McDonald’s…with honey!

After carefully considering everyone’s advice on the subject, I did finally try improving upon perfection yesterday by adding some honey to my Southern Style Chicken Biscuit @ McDonald’s. And let me tell ya, it was amazing!

Since I wasn’t sure if my local McDonald’s would have honey on hand for the experiment, I brought my own in a tiny plastic container that Christine picked up at The Container Store.

Now, I gotta admit that when Christine bought these little containers a few weeks back, I kinda gave her a hard time about them: “What could we possibly need those for?” Well, now I know what we needed them for…those little guys are the perfect vehicle for transporting my honey to McDonald’s! Yeah! So, I am happy to admit I was totally wrong about your containers, sweetie. Sorry…

Anyway, yesterday morning, while the guys at the register stared and laughed — I try to pretend I’m not a breakfast regular now, but I think they’re on to me — I whipped out my ghetto-ass container of honey and my camera and got to work.

And though it is kind of crazy messy — I had honey everywhere when I left, including the steering wheel of the car and mysteriously, my cell phone! — I gotta tell you, the addition of honey to the mix is pretty damn spectacular! I shit you not, amigos, this is heaven on a biscuit. You gotta try it…

I should also mention that they are now playing cool Stax-style Southern Soul at my McDonald’s in the morning too. Man, they are really selling the Southern experience hard right now…and I, for one, am truly loving it. Yee-haw!



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7 responses to “UPDATE: Southern Style Chicken Biscuit @ McDonald’s…with honey!

  1. They have honey packs there if you ask for them, dummy.

    And don’t you have a less ghetto way of storing it? Don’t you have one of those squeeze bottles with a cap that looks like a bee or a baby bear?

  2. yeti9000

    I dunno know, dude…there is a hand-written sign at the register at my McDonald’s that says “We charge for extra condiments” and since I have no idea what you would need the honey for at McDonald’s (this ain’t KFC brother!) I kind of figured they wouldn’t have any…

    And yes, we have the honey bear thingy, but man, that thing is even bigger! The best part about the plastic container is that it fits in my pocket! Oh wait…maybe that’s how it got on my cell phone! 🙂

  3. Wan

    Okay, T. I tried it myself with some yellow mustard. It’s not as good as Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen, but I did enjoy it quite a lot. I’m glad you attempted it with the honey; you’re make us Tarheels look bad!

  4. yeti9000

    Wow…what is Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen??? Sounds awesome!!

  5. Wan


    Next time you and Christine make it out there, this is a must stop location. Nathan’s fave food is biscuits and this is the direction to which he prays every night. South by south biscuit east.

  6. Tom, I tried it…I got a coupon for a free one when I got Nic’s birthday gift…I’m glad it was free. I thought it was a little odd…part real chicken, part formed patty but too heavy for me. I think it was the biscuit……I think pre-internal-arranging I would have loved it, but not so much now. You’re right about the flavour…much better than Chick-fil-A.

  7. Tom F. Romero

    Tommy, I tried it. It was good, great for old people, but it won’t go with wine.

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