“American Mall” desktop wallpapers @ the Arrive Lounge!

Hoorah! Remember that Sears Arrive Lounge I told you about a couple posts back? Well, it is fully operational and though you can’t order clothes there yet, you can explore the newest clothing collections by LL Cool J and “High School Musical” star Vanessa Hudgens! Wow…who knew they had clothing lines?

And even though “The American Mall” clothes don’t seem to be shown yet, you can download desktop wallpapers featuring four of the characters from the movie. You don’t have to use them as wallpapers on every computer in your house — like we did! — but they are still pretty fun, so, check them out on the Arrive Lounge downloads page.

Our favorites are the two Joey downloads, but I also really dig Penny and Ally’s as well. And of course, you gotta love nerdy old Ben kicking it old-school in that striped polo. In the movie Ben is mostly stuck wearing his bright yellow Weinerland food court uniform, so, I’m sure the change was a welcome one!

Anyway, even if back-to-school shopping is a thing from your distant…and I mean distant…past, the Arrive Lounge is still pretty cool. So, check it out!


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5 responses to ““American Mall” desktop wallpapers @ the Arrive Lounge!

  1. I love that slogan … “Don’t just go back. Arrive.”

    It’s what I do at work every morning! 🙂

  2. Melissa


    This item from IMDb makes it appear that The American Mall was all Sears’s idea, dontcha think?

  3. yeti9000

    OMG…totally! As much as I love the IMDB, sometimes their “news” section is really shabbily researched. Even more annoying than the sloppy reporting is the fact that there are two links to “High School Musical” in the article, but none for “The American Mall”, which has an ever-expanding presence on the IMDB’s own website. Weird…

  4. Melissa

    Yeah, I noticed that people are on the message boards talking about TAM…mostly about the hot guy they want to sing, but hey–butts in seats, right? When should I be looking for your interview on MTV?

  5. yeti9000

    My interview is actually gonna be on the TAM website, not on the air. I was told that it should be uploaded sometime before the premiere party — which is the 28th of July — so keep checking the website for more info. I know I’ve been! 🙂

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