Scarlett Johansson + Pete Yorn = Best Music Video Ever!

Longtime readers know of my deep and abiding love for Scarlett Johansson, but what even I didn’t know until this morning is that aside from looking lovely and acting her ass off in some amazing movies, Scarjo can actually sing! I mean, I knew she had an album a while back, but, no offense, so did Paris Hilton.

"Relator" single album cover

And while I can’t vouch for the quality of the entire album Scarjo released this week with indie slatwart Pete Yorn — it’s called “Break Up” — I can say for sure that the song and video for their first single “Relator” is freaking awesome!

Christine and I often Tivo cool music videos for each other to find when they wake up and you can imagine my surprise when the little rocking, retro-fueled video (linked below) bleep bleeped onto my screen this morning. Sheer. Pop. Awesomeness. Thank you, sweetie!

"Scaryorn" in Jim Wright's awesome video for "Relator" #2

"Scaryorn" in Jim Wright's awesome "Relator" video!

"Scaryorn" in Jim Wright's awesome video for "Relator" #3

Seriously, I loved the song so much that I watched the video at least ten times today…even Greta was tapping her feet! And even though the song comes a little too late to be our official 2009 summer jam — that honor goes to the equally jamming “1, 2, 3, 4” by the Plain White T’s — something tells me “Relator” will be getting a lot of play on our iPods this fall.

To see the video for yourself, click here. And in the meantime, rock on Scaryorn, we don’t just love your song and music video…we totally wanna be you guys! Um, you know…minus the whole breaking up part…


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4 responses to “Scarlett Johansson + Pete Yorn = Best Music Video Ever!

  1. Ginger

    What a delightful song and video! Wow, if the rest of the album is as good as this, I’m totally going to download it. 🙂

    BTW: Totally agree with the Plain White T’s song review too. Fun, summery music…nice….

  2. I know, right? Best song evah! So fun!!

  3. Ubby

    Pete Yorn is a racist!!!!!!!!!!!BOYCOTT Pete Yorn. his music and lyrics incite/encourage racism.
    Pete Yorn is undeserving of the admiration of fans. people all of your adoration SAVE IT for someone who’s more worth while. Pete Yorn isn’t worth the time or day.

    Scarlett Johansson has no integrity.say what they will about Brittaney spears and Courtney Love. Scarlett Johansson isn’t half the woman those two are.

    Blackie’s Dead- why don’t they sing I Hate N****R’s

  4. Whoa…simmer down there, Ubby. I just checked out the lyrics to the Pete Yorn song you mentioned, “Blackie’s Dead”, and from what I understand, the song is about Pete Yorn’s dead cat, Blackie.

    I could be wrong and there might be some major subtext going on there, but, I’m thinking Pete Yorn is really just singing about his dead cat. Sorry to disappoint you… 😦

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