Southern Style Chicken Breakfast Biscuit @ McDonald’s

Even casual readers have probably noticed that Christine and I are anything but food snobs. And while we totally enjoy eating and making high-end food stuff, we also have a deep, abiding love for some tasty low-end food fare as well.

So, when I heard the steady stream of cheesy, borderline offensive radio ads for the new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich at McDonald’s, I figured I had to try that shit out! Not because the ads were so Uncle Remus-offensive, but because the food those “po’ Southern folks” were shilling sounded so damn good.

And, man alive, was it ever! I have not tried the lunch version yet, but, I kid you not, the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit is the best thing to happen to McDonald’s breakfasts since the Egg McMuffin. Seriously, this thing is amazing!

Fans of the Southern fast food staple Chick-fil-A will probably say that Ronald McDonald — who I just found out was co-created by NBC’s resident hambone, Willard Scott! — simply stole their idea.

And while that might be true, I gotta say…that scary-ass clown has also greatly improved upon Chick-fil-A’s concept in the process. Sorry, Tar Heels, but it’s true…the clown has trumped your beloved Chick-fil-A again!

Deceptively simple, the breakfast biscuit is literally just a super moist, insanely flavorful wedge of fried chicken plopped onto a piping hot biscuit. When I asked the chick at the counter what else was on it, she shrugged and said: “I dunno, maybe a little butter.” Nice answer. But a quick check under the hood of my biscuit proved her to be correct.

My only complaint is that there is not enough butter on that tasty breakfast creation. I know, like I need the extra butter, right? But, in this case, you kinda do. It’s not too dry or anything, but I think more butter or perhaps a little side of dipping gravy would really jazz the whole thing up.

So, until I sample the lunch menu chicken sandwich — which, like the original one at Chick-fil-A, comes with pickles on the bun — see y’all at the drive thru.

Actually, I kinda hate the drive thru. If you really wanna find me, look for me enjoying my biscuit and morning paper with the rest of the blue-haired mall walkers and homeless people in the restaurant.

That’s right, I’m loving it…Que viva McDonald’s!


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14 responses to “Southern Style Chicken Breakfast Biscuit @ McDonald’s

  1. tevana

    Oh Tomas! That looks soooo good! I have a coupon for a free one thanks to, but I’m afraid….and seldom up and out of the house early enough to stop for breakfast. Maybe I’ll try the dinner one instead. Although, I must say I am NOT a fan of Chik-fil A.

    Also, it’s Tuesday….99cent movies…ahem, AVP-R. Yes, this T = obsessed with your opinions about this one!

  2. I’m impressed that the real thing looks like the picture.

  3. yeti9000

    Slackmistress: Trust me, chica, pictures do not do that beauty justice. It is one tasty mo-fo!

    Tevana: Did finally watch “AVP: Requiem” the other night and it was, if possible, worse than you said it would be. The best thing about the movie was that we had a coupon at our video store, so it was FREE! Yeah! If I had paid even 99 cents, I would have been so annoyed. We can talk more about it in person, but wow, it was too terrible to even blog about…and that’s saying a lot in my book! šŸ™‚

    But the chicken biscuit, on the other hand, is amazing, and well worth the early morning stop by on your way to school!

    And for FREE, well, how can you miss?

  4. Wan

    Looks good! Now I just need to try one (with some mustard or honey).

  5. yeti9000

    Holy crap, honey or mustard, or better yet, honey mustard would be amazing! I am so bringing some with me next time I go!

    Way to think like a Southerner, Wan!

  6. Speaking as a Southerner – I must say that I don’t see how this biscuit can call itself ‘southern’ when it contains no gravy. A breakfast without gravy is like…a breakfast without gravy! You know?

  7. I don’t know what’s nuttier … your man crush on presidential contender John Edwards, or your love affair with this sandwich.

  8. Gowan

    While I have not yet tried this particular foodstuff, I *am* from the South. Texas, to be specific. We have a chain here (well, it originated in Texas, but their website says they’re all over the South now) called Whataburger.

    Whataburger has the item you really want.

    The Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. One breaded chicken strip served on a buttermilk biscuit with warm honey butter sauce.

    They also serve biscuits and gravy.

  9. Aunt Debbie

    My mouth is watering right now!! Trying one of these will be my “quest” for this weekend. Yum

  10. What? No mayo?! Forget it.

  11. yeti9000

    Seriously, Nathan, mayo would help! But I’m dying to try Wan’s suggestion…honey! Yum!

    And Aunt Debbie, you gotta try one before you head out to Carolina next week…that way you can do some comparison eating with the chicken biscuits at Chick-fil-A! šŸ™‚

  12. Finally had one this morning at your recommendation. It was pretty good. I don’t get McDonald’s breakfasts very often (I like McDonald’s better as a lunch option), but the next time I go there for breakfast, I’ll probably get the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit again.

  13. AlohaSurf

    I did The Radio Spot for that product! there were several different spot. But yes, they get VERY cheesy! I am doing a new one that’s “as”… haha
    But, “I’m still Lovin’ it!”

  14. Awesome! And you might not know it from reading my post, but “cheesy” is all good in my book. As far as fast food commercials go, the cheesier, the better! šŸ™‚

    Thanks for checking out our blog, Aloha!

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