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Scab Kitty New Year’s!

OK, I promise this will be the last post about our cats for a while…but believe it or not, while Christine, my Mom and I were ringing in the new year with my new WGA “strike buddies” at a swinging party thrown by the Slackmistress herself, our cats, Diego and Nigella were engaged in some serious soul searching about the writer’s strike.

Mike, Patty, Me & Christine on New Year’s Eve 2007!

The problem is that they both have very different takes on things. Diego is a real “pencils down, all around” union cat, while Nigella, well, not so much. In her defense, she is a very young 8 months and still learning the cold hard facts of life down here in Hollywood.

Nigella, the “scab kitty” at work! (December 31, 2007)

So when Nigella read recently in the L.A. Times that a few struggling daytime writers have begun quietly scabbing themselves out to keep long-running soaps like “General Hospital” on the air, well, she simply couldn’t restrain herself…

And quicker than you can say “Carson Daly Joke Hotline”, our cat was scab writing soaps for ABC!

Father Diego praying hard for Nigella’s soul (December 31, 2007)

Bad, scab kitty! Bad! Luckily for us, Diego donned his old priest collar and put her to shame pretty quickly and what could have ended in tears and bloodshed, ended peacefully with Nigella softly lowering her pencil, and her little furry black head, in shame.

“Scab Kitty” lowers her pencil in shame… (December 31, 2007)

Way to “pray it out”, Padre Diego! Here’s hoping the new year is good to us all and that the strike ends soon!

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Merry Christmas Cats!

In honor of the many holiday photo cards we received this year, we wanted to add some pics of our beloved four-legged “children” to the mix. So, happy holidays from Diego and Nigella.

As you can see, Diego is the real fashion plate in the family. His hat actually lights up when Santa is near. And just in case his hat is on the fritz, Nigella kept her eagle eyes — and massive six-toed paw! — on the back door peephole all night long in search of Santa and his reindeer.

And guess what? It worked! Santa was awesome to us all…so, thanks, kitties!

Diego Romero as Santa Claws! (Christmas Eve, 2007)
Nigella watches the night skies for Santa! (Christmas Eve, 2007)

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AMPTP Movie Mosaics

Though the building itself is pretty ordinary and kind of dentist-office-y, the AMPTP headquarters (when not wrapped in bright yellow CRIME SCENE tape) are surrounded by a massive wall that is actually very beautiful.

“Ten Commandments” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

Not the wall, mind you, but the movie-themed mosaics on it. Of course we totally defiled them with our pithy post-its during our rally there on Tuesday, but the vivid, Technicolor beauty of the tiles remains.

So, here for all to enjoy is a visual essay (love that term) on the art of the AMPTP mosaic wall…enjoy! Oh, and by the way, still totally hate them for prolonging the strike and everything, but wow…nice walls!

“Bambi” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

“Spartacus” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)
“Robin Hood” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

“My Fair Lady” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

“King Kong” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)
“The Virgin Queen” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)
“E.T.” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)
“North by Northwest” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)
“Anna Christie” mosaic @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

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AMPTP “Scene of the Crime” Rally

One of our last great rallies before the Christmas break was held last week outside the Death Star-ish home office of the AMPTP in Encino.

AMPTP “Death Star” in Encino (Dec. 18, 2007)

Organized by some of the Guild’s top-ranking crime show writers — people from the various “CSI” incarnations, “The Shield”, “Numbers”, you name it — the event was called the “Scene of the Crime Rally” and kicked off with “CSI” star (and wife of SAG President, Alan Rosenberg) Marg Helgenberg reading a “criminal indictment” against the AMPTP aloud from the back of a truck.

“CSI” star Marge Helgenberger @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

“Numbers” star Rob Morrow @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

Accusing the Studios and Networks of “hijacking the internet” and a number of other hilariously worded (but sadly, mostly true) crimes against writer-kind, the indictment was only the beginining. For immediately following the reading, members of the WGA wrapped the entire perimeter of the AMPTP headquarters in bright yellow CRIME SCENE tape. Kick ass!

Despite the rain, we had an impressive turnout as we spent the next two-plus hours walking the make-shift picket line just beyond the crime scene tape.

Me & “Bones” star Emily Deschanel @ the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

Aside from Helgenberger, “Numbers” star Rob Morrow, and “Bones” super cute leading lady, Emily Deschanel (above), there were also dozens of supporting actors from any number of high-profile crime shows.

But I think my favorite folks out there were “My So-Called Life” creator Winnie Holzman, my new best friend, “Terminator 2” and “The Unit” star, Robert Patrick, and the hilariously attired cast of “RENO 911”.

Winnie Holzman & Me at the AMPTP Rally (Dec. 18, 2007)

Me & “T2″ star Robert Patrick at the AMPTP (Dec. 18, 2007)

Trust me, even with that big ass jacket, Lt. Dangle must have been freezing in those little brown hot pants. So, kudos to you, Thomas Lennon (seen practically humping my friend Patty, below) for keeping it all too real on the picket line!

“Reno 991″ star Lt. Dangle & Patty on the picket line (Dec. 18, 2007)
All in all, it was a criminally good time (sorry, I couldn’t resist) and we manged to seriously piss off the building manager with all that yellow crime scene tape, so hey, that’s something! Go, union!
Me, Patty, Aaron & Tanja behind the CRIME SCENE tape (Dec. 18, 2007)

And for the record, we totally cleaned up the tape before we left…


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Speechless #21: The Bateman’s

While there have been several more additions to United Hollywood’s “Speechless Without Writers” video series since I first blogged about it a while back — including a strangely unnerving Woody Allen clip that gave me a serious case of the willies — none have been as cool as “Speechless # 21”.

Featuring real-life siblings, Jason and my new BFF, über strike supporter, Justine Bateman, the clip is short, simple and funny. And best of all, it’s for a good cause. So, thanks, guys! And go, Mallory Keaton!


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“In Rainbows” Album Art!

With the upcoming release of the CD version of Radiohead’s previously download-only album — the staggeringly beautiful “In Rainbows” — I was thrilled to see that the band has finally released pictures of the actual album cover art. Yeah!

True to form, the bold cover art was designed by frequent Radiohead collaborator, Stanley Donwood. Wow…all those crazy cool colors on the outside kinda makes me wanna buy the album (again!) just to see the artwork inside.

Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” cover art! (Dec. 20, 2007)

Still no new pictures of the more expensive Radiohead Discbox version of “In Rainbows”, but I did find this rocking pic of the contents (and coolly futuristic container!) of the brand new, limited edition Radiohead Box Set.

Containing all seven of the band’s full-length EMI-era albums — Pablo Honey (1993), The Bends (1995), OK Computer (1997), Kid A (2000), Amnesiac (2001), I Might Be Wrong (Live/2001) and Hail To The Thief (2003) — the Box Set also features new packaging for the albums but retains the original album artwork and liner notes for each CD. Very cool.

Radiohead’s new Limited Edition BOX SET (Dec. 20, 2007)

Available on for a limited time at the super low price of $71.99 (that’s like, $10.28 per album!), the set is a must have for any new Radiohead fan. I say new, because any true fan has all those albums already (that’s right!) and probably doesn’t need the box set. Or do they?

I mean, seriously, that white “Star Wars” box they come in is pretty damn cool…


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Chicago Tribune Article

When the news broke last week that Jay and Conan would be returning to their talk shows on January 2nd without their writers, our usually sleepy picket line at NBC was kinda swarming with reporters.

Most of them wanted to speak to the striking Tonight Show folks (as well they should, since they no doubt had much to say on the subject) but one lucky gal, Maureen Ryan, from the Chicago Tribune’s TV blog “The Watcher” got me and Nina (aka The Slackmistress) instead.

Nina & I @ the Hollywood Solidaritary Rally (Nov. 20, 2007)

Hilariously enough, a few of our pearls of wisdom actually found their way into Ryan’s article. Nina talked about how some online haters accused her of “ruining Christmas” for all the below the line workers in town and then went on to talk about the fact that many of us in this business (even before the strike) have day jobs to help make ends meet. Good stuff, right?

So, then I read my quote, reprinted below as it appears on Ryan’s blog:

Writers are getting a lot of exercise on the picket line (they are required to picket for 12 hours per week, though there is a vacation break that starts Wednesday). But they’re also getting a lot of treats. “I thought I’d lose more weight,” film scribe Tomas Romero said. But with members of the public and strike supporters bringing by doughnuts, smoothies, sandwiches, cookies and other treats, it’s hard to slim down.

How nice. Lovely to know that in the midst of this unending turmoil and economic hardship, I’m worried about not losing more weight. Urgh…what a loser. Guess I should stick to chanting on Fox…

If you wanna check out the entire article, which, my lame quote aside, is very entertaining, please visit: TheWatcher/


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