Christmas Wishes on KOST FM

OK, I know I sound like a broken record going on and on about the all-Christmas playlist at KOST 103.5, but, seriously, the only thing Christine and I love more than their non-stop Christmas jams are the sad-ass Christmas Wishes that the station grants their listeners every holiday season.

I’ve never called in a wish myself, but it works like this: from Thanksgiving through Christmas day, anyone with a hard luck story and a truly dramatic Christmas Wish can call into KOST at 818-520-2035 and possibly have their wish granted on the air. I know, awesome, right? And as gratifying as it probably is to have your wishes granted by the big-hearted DJ’s at KOST, listening to those teary-eyed phone calls is even better!

Christmas Wishes on KOST FM #2

Christmas Wishes on KOST FM

I swear to God, the stories these people tell will break your heart. And if the wishes don’t move you, than Michael Gore’s classic “Terms of Endearment” theme, which they play in the background during every segment, surely will.

I can’t tell you how many times Christine and I have sat in the car openly weeping to these sobby Christmas Wish segments. And from what we’ve gathered from our many KOST FM-loving friends and family in the Southland, we are not alone.

A favorite wish of ours from a couple year’s back was from the Grandmother who’s grandchild’s bedroom had been infected with toxic mold. Not only was her grandchild sick from the mold, but all of her favorite books and toys were ruined. Like they always do, KOST swept in with a whopping triple digit gift card from Target to replace everything and give that family back their Christmas. So cool!

And while most of the calls involve someone wanting airfare to visit a sick relative or something like that, two of our favorites this year involved something much more simple…

The first was from a woman who’s mother recently passed away. Her sister is the sole caregiver for their ailing father and since they have no money for extras of any kind this year, the woman drives a totally beat-up car with crappy tires. So, the Christmas Wish this lady asks for are new tires for her sister’s car so she can drive Dad to his doctor’s appointments. OMG…I was blubbering so hard I couldn’t even hear everything that KOST offered this poor woman. Sad!!

But, the best one I’ve heard so far this season came from an emotional gentlemen named Rick whose wife is dying of stage four breast cancer. Already, that’s enough to make anyone cry…but rather than one last trip around the world or a fancy vacation, all Rick wanted for his beautiful, long-suffering wife was a new mattress so she could sleep better at night. Gulp…

If I wasn’t crying so hard, I woulda called in and offered to buy that dude a mattress myself. Seriously, what a tearjerker! And, as always, KOST was quick to grant Rick’s wish with a fluffy new mattress from Living Spaces. You go, KOST!

If you’d like to hear some of these touching and insanely-sad Christmas Wishes yourself, check out the live internet feed here. I can’t get it to play on my Mac, but, since every radio in the house is tuned to KOST right now, it’s not a problem. Happy listening, amigos…



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36 responses to “Christmas Wishes on KOST FM

  1. I’ve been listening a lot too. Interestingly enough, I have not been brought to teardom like you and Bean have. I think it’s because the voice of the lady who talks to the callers drives me up the wall.

    She talks in that soft-spoken, syrupy, I-feel-your-pain voice that, to me, sounds a little insincere. Imagine a well-trained customer service representative times ten.

    But I agree, the stories are super sad, so I am glad KOST is helping these poor people out (even if it is in a fake voice). 🙂

  2. betty remaly

    hi im 55 years old never seen my grandkids. out in minn. and ill. cause we moved out here from 1999.had a bad accedent.then we got scam out of your in lived in motel for 8 years. and now in our car. for two years. for my christmas wishes is a nice warm house. and for my senior citzen husband and our son. and me to have the money to see our grandkids.for christmas that my christmas wishes. thank you merry christmas and we will always rember what you did. god bless all of you.. Betty

  3. Wow, Betty, that is a really sad story and I wish there was something I could do to help, but, I was just blogging about how much I love the Christmas Wishes program on KOST in Los Angeles, I don’t actually have the money or power to actually grant the wishes. However, if you really wanna see your grandkids this Christmas, I say you write to KOST at this address: or try calling them directly at: (818) 520-1035. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!

  4. betty remaly

    i tryed to called the station,but they dont answer the phone.if someone can please help us.we will be falthful all that can helped us.we volteers all the help the peoples that between houses now. you can email or called me 909-648-4499. if you can mad this our best christmas.god bless all of you out there.Happy Thankgiving,MerryChristmas.Betty

  5. Debbie Hernandez Hi I love 103.5 even so at Christmas time , I wish that my Son who is a single father of 2 Son , Daughter who is having a hard time like many ,but I wish If they could get a christmas tree in there little place with some presents under the tree, they need clothes I just like to see them Happy for Christmas that will make my christmas wish I love to give and not recieve but I am short of money too.I would appreciate it and so grandatude if you can God Bless you !!!! or called me at 626 224=7613

  6. peggy A Moerno

    I’m not sure if this is for a christmas wish. but my wish would be to get some money to pay my rent , its been very hard on my husband and I . He had cancer in the eye got operated it affected his walking but survived and then a couple of weeks ago I was robbed they took my rent money which i have to pay. we are on a fixed income I can’t work due to my bi polar.we can’t afford anything for christmas . so my wish is that my rent will get paid if not all half. Thank you and God bless ,Peggy A. Moreno



  8. Wow, guys…I really wish there was something I could do to make all of your Christmas wishes come true. Seriously, I’d love to help all of you with your problems, and totally would if I could, but the fact is that times are tough for everyone right now. So, all I can do this year is wish you well and hope you have a very Merry Christmas despite it all and best of luck in the new year!

  9. Christine Garcia

    My Mom has always brother, sister and I have always helped her, however last month her rent went up $300 dollars now we have been there in time of need for anyone, regardless if she has the funds or not. She is single and lives on a fix income which does not support her. she struggles just to live, she is disabled and unable to work. My all taken on that burden for my mom, but now the financial hardship is starting to take a tow on me and my finances. My son’s 12th birthday is tomorrow and he asked me what am I going to give him, and to be honest I haven’t answered him because I don’t have the money right now, not to mention what am I going to come up with to give my son and daughter for Christmas. My Christmas wish is for my mom, if kost will be kind enough to provide her a Christmas gift that would be wonderful and mean more than you can imagine. Thank You and Merry Christmas
    Christine Garcia


  11. Hi my name is Yolanda, I’m a single mother of two kids ages, 9 boy and 14 girl. Recently got out of a shelter for battered family’s. I wish on this Christmas, that my daughter would get help on her surgery for her eyes and Christmas gifts and for my son Christmas gifts too. I would like to ask if I could get help on my bills. Thank you

  12. Hi Yolanda. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Unfortunately, I do not grant Christmas Wishes, I was just blogging about KOST 103.5 in Los Angeles, which is a radio station that does indeed grant wishes. Or at least they used to. So, I’d try dropping them a line and see what happens. It sounds like it’s been a rough couple of years for you and your family, here’s hoping you all have a Merry Christmas!

  13. christina silva

    My husband and I were reading the stories that are posted its really sad My husband and I almost cry it makes us think about are own family and are own struggles that we are currently going through we are not sure if my kids will have chirstmas this year do to the fact that recently moved out of my in-laws so that my brother in-law and his family could move in and have some were to leave.Since then we have been struggling do to the loans that we took out

  14. hello mark and karen !! my na me is patti mcbryde and my christmas wish is for my daughter and grand girl you see shes been on unemployment cause she lost her job and now she has no unemployment just two days ago and she around 4 months pregnant and shes really sad cause she cant do anything for her daughter if theres anyway you can help it would make me real happy i can be reached at 909 593 8160 or at 909 538 2789 ( thank you very much patti mcbryde from pomona ca )

  15. hi Mark and Karen my name is maggie and i would like you to grant my daughter her wish she has 3 special need boys age 11 15 and 17 and all she would like is to get her car running better then what it is Her name is Candy and everytime she gets money it gose on the car.She wont be able to get them any thing if she fixes the car which is need for appointment.If there is any way you can help her out you can reached my at 909-437-9394 my name is Maggie.The boys are my grandsons.Thanks a lot

  16. Carol Van Dine

    Hi Mark and Karen my name is Carol ,Iam a single nmother of 3 special needs kids trying to make it . I have been trying to save money for gifts for Christmas but one thing after another seems to come up . If there is anything you could do to help me this Christmas I would be so greatful . we have been through so much living in the streets ,shelters and motels . We are now in a stable place to live praise God for a roof over our heads .

  17. girlie

    Hi Mark and Karen my name is G, my wish is for my co-worker, she work as a housekeeper in our facility, last year his husband passed and away and it was a big struggle for her and his son. I just saw her again yesterday and she mentioned that she’s been 3 months late from her apartment bill the manager already told her that if she can’t pay they will lock the place, also his son his sick and she need to pay the hospital bill. I just wish that i can help her. I will be very grateful in any help u can provide. god bless you all. happy holidays.

  18. heather rufo

    Hi Mark and Karen my name is Heather, I am a single mother of 1 daughter. I been trying to save money for gifts for christmas but things have to be paid.If there is something you could do to help me this christmas I would be so greatful.You can reach me at 562-464-8603 (Thank you very much )

  19. Hi Mark and Karen my name is Tiffany, I have 5 children.My husband Tony works very hard as a mechanic to take care of all of us. I am a stay at home mother my son has type1 diabetes so I stay home to be close at hand , Christmas has always been a struggle for us but I’m not asking for help with gifts..When my older sister passed away I became addicted to pain killers to ease my pain and that was 4 years ago. My Christmas wish is help? just help? to get clean because I can’t do this on my own. Please please please! Could you help me be drug free for my children on Christmas? to would mean the world to me! my cell number is 714-659-9712 my husbands work is 714-968-8788 (Thank you so very much)

  20. Hi Mark and Karen my name is Tiffany, I have 5 children.My husband Tony works very hard as a mechanic to take care of all of us. I am a stay at home mother my son has type1 diabetes so I stay home to be close at hand , Christmas has always been a struggle for us but I’m not asking for help with gifts..When my older sister passed away I became addicted to pain killers to ease my pain and that was 4 years ago. My Christmas wish is help? just help? to get clean because I can’t do this on my own. Please please please! Could you help me be drug free for my children on Christmas? to would mean the world to me! my cell number is 714-659-9712 my husbands work is 714-968-8788 (Thank you so very much) my husbands email is

  21. David

    Holy crap people this is NOT KOST. It’ just a blog! Try googling “kost 103.5” for the website!

  22. I have 13 grandkids and i dont know how to buy each what they want because my husband has barley any money so i hope and i will pray to god kost 103.5 can help me thank you and god bless you

  23. Hey mark and karen wow this year has gone by so fast and having 7 children and 13 grandkids is gonna be hard for me and husband i have a 12 year old daughter and she is trying to save money to help me and her father to buy gifts this christmas and its not going the way planed i hope you help us thank you and may god bless you:’)

  24. Hey karen and mark you know this year has been very hard for me and my husband i have 7 kids & 13 grandchildren i really hope you could help me and my husband out this year may god bless you,if theirs any way to help me out you can reach me at (562)234-0270 thank you so much have a lovely christmas and a happy new year.:’)

  25. jordanne lothyan

    Hi my name is Jordanne, im 23 year old college student. My Christmas wish is for my son Julian age 5. He is autisic and epileptic. Its so hard being a young single mother and I try my best. I dont have a don’t and all I want is my son to have a good Christmas, even though he’s special he has such a great spirit in him and is a fighter and I know one day he will help the world of autism. He’s been through so much that he deserves something good happen to him. Please grant both of our wishes.

  26. Alapati

    Hi my name is girlfriend stuck in london.she need some $500 cash to make her fare she can come home.but i dont have money still looking for job.i dont know what to do.this the first time i
    ask some christmas wish is i want spend this christmas with her here.thank you.and god bless you all.562 719 3301

  27. Carmen Tapia

    MY NAME IS Carmen Tapia i myself and my family could realy need ur help my christmas will be sad cause again wont have anything for my kids and my husband who is ill with cancer, i will that i could give my kids a christmas dinner and maybe some gifts if any one could help please call my son 323-674-6303

    may god bless you all thank you

  28. Peggy Denhart

    Hello my name is Peggy, I have never ask for help publicly. But this wish is for my sister. My sister, Ernestine, is 76yrs. old, she was working as a security guard until the end of May, 2012. First week of June she was diagnosed with cancer, multiple myaloma. She is receiving treatment, but is unable to return to work. She can no longer afford her car, she still has an analog TV but no cable or satellite, she no longer has a land phone for internet access and she is unable to buy gifts for her only daughter, grand-kids, and great grand-kids.. She does not complain, she does not want anyone to worry about her. I am not able to help her. I am asking for what ever you can do for her. If I could I would give her some shopping money, a 35″ HDTV with a year subscription to what ever company has the best program, (ie…DirecTV or Dish). Thanking you in advance for your thoughtfulness and willingness to help others. May God bless the entire Kost family and a special prayer for all of the victims of the continued disregard of human life.

  29. jean beech

    hi i am a single mom and need christmas for my 11 yr old son he likes 3 ds stuff and anything i am working but cant afford christmas i would like a van my car is breaking down alll the time santa my mom really needs a new car thanks in advance


    I have read the above and also was in tears. 12/18/2012 Was able to get touch with 103.5 coast 818/559-2252. 12/21/2012 no one seem to answer.. My situation I have a daughter and grandchild in Denver Colorado.
    I would like to see both of them i can’t afford the tickets from Denver to
    the Ontario Airport, Ontario , Calif. My birthday is 1/6/2013, hopefull they
    could come on 1/5/2013 and spend a couple of days with me. This is
    my XMAS WISH. GOD BLESS YOU AND MERRY XMAS. 951/239-3032 (home) (cell) 951/816-1287. Jeanette Oke

  31. jamiee canal

    hi my name is jamiee and my mom is a single mom with no car no and needs help with paying bills and she wont be able to afford anything this year please help us we are in so much need of a car thanks call us at (323) 888-6737 god bless you .

  32. Heather

    Dearest coast 103.5,
    My christmas wish is for my children that they dont halfto walk almost three miles daily back and forth up and down the hills to get to and from school after our car stop working please help us my kids cry and pray daily that someone would help us as . I am a mother of 4 children 11 month old baby girl, 2 year old, a 5 year kin kindergardener ,an a 7 year second grader ,.

  33. hamlet shahoian

    hello my name is hamlet it,s christmas and i loose my job and i cant even buy a tree my wish is if you can find a job for me please.



  35. Louciacohengasparian

    Hello my name is loucia I am a mother of two boys and I am married we have come in financial difficulty we can barely pay the rent and bills my husband works really hard but we are really struggling with rent, and bills all these years we were unable to give my sons a good Christmas including my husband to. My family past away I don’t have a mother or father or sister to help us and my grandmother also past away at age 106 .It would be most appreciative if you could give us a Christmas for my kids and husband I am a cancer survivor and it would mean the works to me if you could help us. God Bless You.

  36. Teresa Cartwright

    i typed a christmas wish to kost 103.5 this year and pray for any kind of help. i need a new car, holiday cash. i am homeless and have basically nothing….teresa cartwright 909-278-6506

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