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Married for 15 years and living joyfully in sin for another five years before that, Beast (Tomás) and Bean (Christine) live in Burbank, California (Toluca Lake if you wanna church it up a bit) with their gifted, bilingual cats Diego and Nigella and their toddler daughter, Greta. They love movies, music, knitting, sewing, reading, screenwriting, board games, free food, baby parks and Tivo.

Big fans of hearty, drive-all-night road trips, together they have trekked from the shadows of the Oregon Vortex and it’s California cousin, the Mystery Spot, to the hillbilly splendor of Dollywood, Graceland, and Loretta Lynn’s Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

Whether they are starting the day with breakfast tacos in Austin, searching for the best pastrami sandwich in NYC, paying homage to cool Yoda statues in San Francisco, or eating shrimp and grits in haunted, Civil War-era plantations in Charleston, SC, Tomás, Christine and baby Greta always take time to enjoy the sites, smells and awesome local flavors of wherever it is they find themselves.

This is their often Tums-worthy story…

21 responses to “About Us

  1. James

    LOL! I couldn’t have described you better myself! I can’t wait to read more about what you make, see, eat and do. (Hey, I just got that!) 🙂

  2. Leslie

    Wow! Have you really been together that long? 2007 – 17 years = 1990. I just did the math and it’s true. Next week will be 18 years since the ’89 Quake. Seems like yesterday. PS Love the website. Keep it coming. 😉

  3. Woah, you had a busy night! Five blog entries in one day. That’s a record!

  4. Dang dude, open the floodgates, why don’t you? What is this, 6 posts in a single night? You broke your record of five from last October! 🙂

  5. Hi Beast-
    Crazy how I wound up here… I was checking out your Flickr pics of your trip to our beautiful Santa Fe and was enthralled by your pictures. They are awesome! I am re-designing our website http://www.dongaspar.com and was wondering if I could use a couple of your SF pics? Of course I will give you credit.
    And by the way, how did you get any work done?? You guys were tourists like crazy!
    Please let me know. Otherwise it was a joy to check out your Flickr stuff….

  6. Hello! I like your blog and i want to exchange links with you! Would you like exchange witn me?? I have movie blog too.

    Sorry for posting here, i coudnt find your email on the site.

    Waiting for answer.

  7. Ginger

    Love the new update to your blog with more comments showing up in the “Recent Comments” sidebar. Right on! Now I won’t feel totally out of the loop if I miss reading your blog for a day or two. (Yes, believe it or not, this does happen sometimes. I know…so sad for me….) 😉

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  9. I never got a goldstar comment! grrrr

  10. Awesome blog! Added to my blogroll, especially because you guys like Radiohead :p

  11. Mary Ann

    Hi Tomas and Christine,

    May I say that your site quote “The world just seems more alive at night, it’s like God ain’t looking..” is the best one Ive read to this date! Hilarious!

    Anyhow, I thought I may interest you on a FREE Kelly Clarkson concert. I’m writing to you on behalf of Samsung Summer Krush concert series, an exclusive music tour featuring well-known musical acts, designed to provide attendees with private concerts and FREE tickets, is now down to it’s FINAL show.

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    September 14th, 2009
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    Central Courtyard
    Hollywood & Highland

    My goal in contacting you is to see if you’d like to let your readers know about this tour. We could also arrange a give-away for a pair of PRIORITY access tickets, for your readers, for the L.A. tour.

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    Let me know what you think!

    Mary Ann

  12. Hey Mary Ann!

    Thanks so much for the head’s up! I don’t know about my readers, but my wife, daughter and I will do what we can to make the concert tonight!

    If any of you locals wanna join us, give us a call! 🙂

  13. I love your site! Bummed I am only reading it now. I can live vicariously through you… this is awesome.
    Greta is one lucky baby!

  14. Dear Tommy:
    Great blog! My is , but haven’t kept it up after heart attack and surgery, but expect to get back on it in near future. National Hispanic Cultural Institute in Albuquerque is offering three month scholarship for an artist. Let Robbie know. I might sign up for the “scholar” scholar. Wish to speak with you about FILM SCRIPT re: Padre Martinez. Am collaborating on a film documentary and a new book to be published by UNM Press. Let’s talk. Nice to make contact.
    Your loving cousin,

  15. YAAAY! I finally made it to your blog 🙂 It is so lovely! I had no idea there was a National Donuts Day, haha! I have learned something already. I will be coming back for more! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday.

  16. Hi, I’d love to add you to our media listing. Please respond with your email address. Thanks!

  17. Hey!

    Can’t get enough of reality tv star and health nut Bethenny Frankel?

    Whether your answer is yes or no, we think your readers at beastandbean.wordpress.com would love to hear how Bethenny has used yoga to calm a crazy life!


    Please let me know if you are able to share this on your site so that we can give you a Follow Friday shout out to the nearly 50,000 Everyday Health Twitter fans.


    Blaine Skrainka
    Outreach Director
    Everyday Health
    345 Hudson Street, 16th Floor
    New York, New York 10014


  18. First off, thanks for checking out our blog, Blaine! Honestly, I was not a huge fan of Bethenny Frankel’s the first time I saw her on the “Martha Stewart Apprentice” reality show. But, since then, I have been kinda digging her. And she looks amazing, so, if she’s selling something to stay fit and calm a crazy life, well, sign me up, brother! I need all the calm I can get these days… 🙂

  19. rijk

    Maybe you can help me I’m looking for a long time the olympic mascot stuffed Amik of montreal 1976 would pay 500 or more If you find him also in the future mail me at r.meerbeek1@kpnplanet.nl in the Netherlands

  20. Luella May

    Okay……… We are related. Romeroville was also named after my family. I am the granddaughter of Benjamin Romero and I believe his dad’s name was Bernard Romero. Daughter of Luella Romero. Bartolome Romero is my 13th Great Grandfather. I am planning a trip to the Watrous/New Mexico area in October to visit where my ancestors came from. My great great grandfather was Samuel B. Watrous. I am assuming my email will show when I leave this comment? If you are interested, please email me. In fact, looking at the picture, you look just like my grandfather, Benjamin Romero. I am just googling everything on Watrous and Romeroville, and Las Vegas and came across your blog. And I messaged my daughter in the meantime while I’m typing this comment and gave her the link to your blog. You are in our family tree. The Robledo family are our aunts and cousins. I am Luella May by the way.

  21. Luella May

    Actually, just to make it clear……… I am the daughter of Luella Romero

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