Trailer Thursday: “Cloud Atlas”

What do you get you combine the mad genius minds behind “The Matrix” trilogy and the quick-cut renegade who directed “Run Lola Run”? Well, apparently, something like “Cloud Atlas”. I’m not sure what this movie is about or how each segment relates to the others, but, holy crap, does it look cool!

It also looks like the kind of movie that audiences are either gonna love or totally hate with a passion. With ideas this big, sweeping and crazy, there will be no middle ground and that makes me wanna see it even more! Go, “Cloud Atlas”!

Oh yeah, and if you dig the trailer, you might wanna watch the highly-unusual trailer introduction taped by the film’s directors, Tom Tykwer, Andy Wachowski and his new sister, Lana (formerly Larry) Wachowski.

That’s right, amigos, one of the big galoots behind “The Matrix” is now a chick. And not a bad-looking one at that. I’m kinda digging the pink dreads…very “Run Lola Run” of her. Good on you, Lana!


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5 responses to “Trailer Thursday: “Cloud Atlas”

  1. I’m simultaneously excited by this movie….and worried that those high expectations will be dashed.

  2. Oh, dude, I am so with you on that. I just hope it looks cool enough to keep me interested for three-plus hours! 🙂

  3. Cathy

    You know, it’s almost August again. I mean, it will be in one month. This could be your annual blog or something. I’m just sayin’. : )

  4. Ouch! Right in the heart… 😦

  5. Ha! You know, I didn’t even realize which blog you posted this on. Sadly, yes, Make.See.Eat.Do. has sort of fallen by the wayside in the past year. I didn’t realize how bad it had become until your comment. But, wow, time flies…

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