UPDATE: 31-Cent Scoop Night @ Baskin Robbins (2009)

OK, I don’t know if it was the cold weather or this crazy Swine Flu mania, but for some reason, there was virtually no line to speak of at this year’s 31-Cent Scoop Night at our local Baskin Robbins. And we went to the “good” Baskin Robbins on Victory this time too. Crazy, huh?

31-cent scoop night (2009) #1

31-cent scoop night (2009) #2

All I know is that the smaller crowds made it that much easier for myself and our friend Mike to sneak back inside for round two while his wife Patty and our other friend Elyse waited outside with Christine and Greta. Yee-haw!

Oh yeah, and this year, the scoops were way bigger than last time too…so, thank you, Baskin Robbins for another awesome adventure in cheap ice cream. You guys seriously rock!

31-cent scoop night (2009) #3

31-cent scoop night (2009) #4



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3 responses to “UPDATE: 31-Cent Scoop Night @ Baskin Robbins (2009)

  1. Aw, man, that was so fun. I got inside within 5 minutes! Thanks for reminding me yesterday was the day; I would’ve forgotten. That pic of Greta with the humongous cup of ice cream on top of her is hilarious!

    Christine and Mike, it was great to meet you. Patty, nice to see you again! Hope your stomach’s better!

  2. Gypsy

    Little Greta will soon learn that falling asleep is a sure bet that Daddy will put something on top of you – and then take a picture!

  3. Apparently everyone was at the ghetto Baskin Robbins instead. It’s almost the same as the one on Victory, except they call it “31-Centavo Escoop Nait” 🙂

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