Free Mocha Mondays @ McDonald’s

Just found out from one of our regular tipsters (thanks, Aunt Debbie!) that McDonald’s is offering free McCafé Mochas between the hours of 7:00AM and 7:00PM every Monday until August 3rd! Cool, huh?

Don’t know if you’ve had the chance to try this new line of fancy coffee drinks at McDonald’s yet, but Christine and I were first in line when they launched them back in May. And though the Caramel latte she had was downright hideous — I don’t know if it was the cheap caramel or what, but that thing SUCKED! — the iced Mocha I had was pretty damn good.


Free Mocha Mondays #2

And when some freebie coupons came our way a week or so later, we tried some more of the McCafé drinks and were both very pleasantly surprised by how tasty they were for the price. It’s not Starbucks or anything, but they do pack a wallop in the caffeinated department and they are way cheaper than almost anything else on the market…so, I say try them out at least once.

And with Free Mocha Mondays for the rest of the month, how can you not try these drinks out? I haven’t sampled the hot mocha yet, but I can tell you from personal experience that the two iced mochas I’ve had have been kinda magical. So, I’d go cold on this one, amigos. Or, if you really wanna get your freebie on, go cold for breakfast and then head back later and go hot just before dinner…either way, you gotta try these things!

Oh yeah, and just to give you a heads up, the free version of the Mocha is served in an 8 ounce cup, not the usual 12 ounce. Just wanted to let you know so you don’t bitch out your McBarista when you get a small-ass cup.

Dying to hear what y’all think of the drinks, so, as usual, McComment away!


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9 responses to “Free Mocha Mondays @ McDonald’s

  1. wendy-mom

    Thanks for the tip. Next Monday, with McD’s right around the corner from my house, I know where I’ll be headed for a beverage that suits my budget!

  2. Thanks to your post, I promptly went out and got one. It was delicious! But the free size is too stinkin’ small so I had to upgrade, which, of course, was their strategy all along.

    Next Monday, I’m gonna recruit some non-coffee-drinking friends to come with and just have them give me their drinks once we get outside.

  3. I can always count on you to find out about free stuff!

  4. Ha, Elyse, I can totally see you doing that! Who are these non-coffee fan friends of yours? I need them to come with me next Monday too!! 🙂

  5. All the neighbors’ children in my apartment complex! Hey, there’s no minimum age requirement on those free mochas, right?

  6. wendy-mom

    After waiting a whole long week with anticipation of this iced Mocha quenching my thirst, I stopped at my local McD’s on my way home from work excited at the prospect of a free tasty treat. It was a hot day (well for Santa Cruz it was hot), and when my drink order came up…..I stood there looking stunned!!! I never knew a drink could be SO small…it was the perfect “Greta-size”. I thought I was Alice in wonderland and everything had shrunk. But that won’t keep me from a repeat freebie next Monday 😛

  7. Ha! That is hilarious! Even funnier (and stranger!) is the fact that I have not yet taken advantage of this super cool offer. I guess I’m gonna have to make up for it next week ten times over!!

    And how funny that you called it “Greta-size”, I am totally gonna steal that line. Awesome! 🙂

  8. OMG…finally got my free Mocha on today and they were totally “Greta-sized” but tasted even better than I remembered! Long live la McCafé!

  9. >I never knew a drink could be SO small

    8oz = about 230ml
    That’s a regular coffee in Japan!
    12oz=350ml! Is that considered a normal sized coffee in America? It’s too much, I think.

    (For a beer, on the other hand, only at least 500ml will do! 😉 )

    Anyways, McDonalds in Japan is giving away coffee starting today. But not only on Mondays.
    And not mocha.

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