Free food on election day!

I’m sure all of you are gonna be out there voting today, but just in case any of you need a little nudge towards the old ballot box…I have two words for you, and they aren’t “Hope” or “Change” or even “Sarah Palin”. The keywords for today are: free food! Or, as I like to call it…one vote, one donut.

I’m sure there are gonna be tons of local free food events on this historic election day, but the main one’s I’m concerned with are those being offered by Starbucks, Krispy Kreme and Ben & Jerry’s.

Krispy Kreme free election day donut promo!

Let’s start with Starbucks. They will offer a free tall coffee today to anyone who flashes their “I Voted” sticker. And, because this is apparently illegal in California — due to some archaic voting law — the coffee fiends from Seattle have opened up free coffee day to everyone. So, you actually don’t even have to vote to get free stuff…cool! But you should still totally vote!

And for those of you looking for something sweet to go with your free coffee, Krispy Kreme is offering the super cool donut pictured above and Ben & Jerry’s is offering a free scoop to anyone who votes. Not bad!

So, please, please vote today…I don’t even care if you vote for freaking Nader — well, actually, I kinda do — but this is a once in a lifetime election, amigos, do you really wanna be the one to tell your grandkids you skipped voting because you didn’t wanna wait in line? Hell to the no!

So, get out there and vote your asses off…and, as always…go, Obama! Oh yeah, and for the love of God, please, please remember to vote “No on 8”. Future generations will applaud you…seriously.


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7 responses to “Free food on election day!

  1. Hey again! Just found out about some more election day freebies…

    Chick-fil-A is giving out free chicken sandwiches to all who can prove they voted, and, more locally, the Daily Grill is only charging happy hour prices all day long…AND…will give you a free appetizer if you flash your “I Voted!” sticker. Cool! Guess where we’ll be eating tonight? 🙂

  2. betheboy

    Our ballot has been cast and our coffee is already gone but I’m going back for more.

  3. Damon

    We went to that mall in Burbank where the Lowes is, for the Krispy Kremes and Starbucks. The barrista got a little surly when I pulled out my camera (a few too many votes for Starbucks, I guess) but the coffee was just fine.

    I still have a case of the sugar shakes from the donut– they’re glazed, frosted, and sprinkled!
    Not sure if we’re heading over to B&J’s for the free scoop, but you know if we drive to Ventura Blvd for happy hour stuff, ice cream won’t be far behind.

  4. Ha! Thanks for the heads up on the donuts, Damon…they do look pretty damn sweet. I’ll make sure and load up on savory stuff at the Daily Grill beforehand!

    Christine and I are heading off to vote when she gets home around 6-ish. The lines at our polling place looked pretty insane this morning…hopefully, they’ve mellowed out. But either way, we’ll be there! Go, Obama!!

  5. Melissa

    Hey, Mr. Crazy Hours, why didn’t you just stay up and vote this morning?

    I voted when the polls opened and was thrilled to see how very crowded the Watsonville Civic Center was at 7am!

  6. Awesome! Go, Watsonville!

    Our polling place was packed in the morning too, so, kinda glad we waited till later to vote. No lines, free coffee at the Starbucks next door and a brand-new president that we actually voted for, yay!!

    Any way you look at it, the perfect night! 🙂

  7. I was an absentee voter. And subsequently, my coffee, donut and ice cream were also absent.

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