Handmade Toys

Farmer’s Daughter here again. I’ve been waiting to write about some cool Christmas gifts that I made this year. I didn’t want to give away any surprises before the gifts were given, but now it’s safe.

“The Kidnapper” and “Bad Guy” handsewn toys by the Farmer’s Daughter (Christmas 2007)

These were all made for girls I work with at The Library Store. The 1st two are from “The Cute Book”, which has lots of sweet things too. The ones I chose just happen to be more on the sinister side. The one holding the bag is called the Kidnapper and the other one is Bad Guy.

“The Kidnapper” by Farmer’s Daughter Bean (December 2007)

They are made with felt, most of it handsewn together, a few pieces glued on, and stuffed with polyfill. They are as tiny as they look, so it was definitely difficult to stuff them. I used a toothpick, but even that was hard. Alyssa appreciated them and said they were her two favorite characters from the book.

“Softie Tooth” by Farmer’s Daughter Bean (December 2007)

The tooth was for Natalie who loves teeth things. It’s a bit bigger and so it was easier to make. It’s made the same way, but no gluing on this! Those face details are embroidered! It’s from a book called “Softies” which has tons of cool toys you can make and includes patterns for most.

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  1. Wow, those sound really hard to stuff. Kind of like Tom. I can’t remember the last time he finished his plate. 🙂

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