Baby Rules 101

With the baby due in just three short days — of course, that’s if she doesn’t take after her father and show up late to everything — Christine and I have been going kinda crazy the past couple of days. Sure, the car seat is securely in place, all her little bitty clothes are washed, sorted by size, and ready to be worn, and our hospital bag has been packed and sitting by the door for days.

Wry Baby babyrules #1

But, like all parents, we recently started to wonder if we were really ready for her to get here. I mean, despite all our preparations, would we really know what to do with her when she arrives?

So, you can imagine our relief when our friend Wan e-mailed us the handy baby rules instructions shown here. Created by the clever folks at Wry Baby (who’s stuff Christine has been selling in her store for years) the manual has been a real life saver this week. I mean, who knew you couldn’t give a baby coffee and a big old Turkey leg? We sure didn’t!

So, as we leave you now to study up on more top-secret baby rules, enjoy the pics. And thanks again to Wan for the advice…you are a real life saver, chica!

Wry Baby babyrules #2

Wry Baby babyrules #3



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6 responses to “Baby Rules 101

  1. wan

    Glad I could help!!! However, I still can’t see what’s wrong with bonding with baby over a hot cup of coffee.

  2. THREE DAYS?! Holy crap!

    Also, I like the “no” bundled baby. You could put him in a bindle and hit the rails!

  3. Danielle

    Wow, if we only figured out sooner that we’d been doing it wrong; Carlin might have turned out normal.

    3 days? yay! Both of you could go and wait in the car in the hospital parking lot. Clearly, you are not ready.

  4. Kemosabe

    How could any parent leave an infant in a crib with only a TV? Somebody give that child a Wii-mote, for crying out loud!!!

  5. The baby sucking on the hairy man chest is just wrong. But what’s wrong with feeding baby the giant turkey leg? That’s how I ate my turkey as a newborn and look how I turned out!

    I can’t believe it’s only 3 days. I’m getting anxiety by proxy.

  6. Yes, please don’t wipe Greta’s bottom with your skirt. 🙂

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