The Return of Mother’s Cookies!

The cookie circuit was abuzz with rumors that something like this might be happening back in May, but after buying our first bag of frosted circus animal cookies recently, Christine and I can now tell you with all certainty that despite closing their doors back in October, our beloved Mother’s Cookies have returned to grocery store shelves everywhere! Hooray!

Apparently timed to coincide with Mother’s Day 2009, the crumbling cookie dynasty — sorry, I couldn’t resist — was brought back to life by the very cool folks at the century-old Kellogg Company.

The Return of Mother's Cookies #1

The Return of Mother's Cookies #2

In fact, their Senior VP of Marketing and Innovation, U.S. Snacks (what a title!) Doug VanDeVelde had this to say about the triumphant return of Mother’s Cookies: “We’re thrilled to bring back a classic, beloved brand that calls to mind such strong feelings of nostalgia and happy childhood memories that parents want to pass down to their children.”

Damn straight, Doug! That is exactly what we wanted to do with those tasty cookies and now that they’re back, our little girl will get to grow up loving Mother’s Cookies as much as we did. So, welcome back to all of our favorite, crazy-sugary, store-bought friends…we missed you more than you’ll ever know!

Long live Mother’s Cookies!



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25 responses to “The Return of Mother’s Cookies!

  1. Damon

    Taffy, my favorite, is slightly different– they cookies don’t stick to the stuff inside quite right– but the flavor is there!

  2. Wow, Damon! I hadn’t thought of those in a long time. Those are good too! My 2nd favs are the iced molasses. I use to eat those with my dad. What great memories!

  3. sarah

    Hooray!! I couldn’t be happier!

  4. Catherine

    Kellogg’s are NOT planning on producing Mother’s Gingerbread Man cookies for Holiday season this year. I’m sad.

  5. Sandy In Seattle

    Boo – Hoo No Gingerbread from Mothers this year. What’s up with that!! I am sad too.

  6. Thanks for checking out our blog, Sandy. That sucks! Are you sure?? Hopefully they’ll change their minds…but if not, yikes, sad indeed! 😦

  7. Audrey Ellis

    I’m so sad I won’t have gingerbread man cookies this year. I look forward to having them every year and I buy about 12 packages!

  8. Adria

    I’m so disappointed to not have my “traditional” Mother’s gingermen cookies for Christmas. This will be our second Christmas without them.
    Is there any suggestions or ideas to get the company to consider making them by this time next year?

  9. Nicole

    I am sad, every year for about 15 years my family as a tradition buys Mother’s Gingerbread cookies sits infront of the fire place and mingles. When this season came around my grandmother the starter of the family tradition asked what happened to the cookies she can’t find them no where…had to explain that Mother’s wasn’t bringing them back….No Bueno

  10. Teresa

    Can anyone share the original source of the information that the gingerbread cookies are canceled? Do you know if they are gone for good, or if they might be back next year??

  11. Sara

    OMG! I found Mother’s Gingerbread men cookies in the Bel Air / Raley’s bakery department today!! They weren’t packaged as Mothers cookies, but as cookies from their bakery. I stocked up, because they were on sale for $1 a box. I have died and gone to heaven. I missed these cookies so much last year, and this year too.

  12. Helida Franklin

    I’m not a real cookie eater, but the only ones that I like are the Gingerbread Man cookies. I have been a fan of them for about 20 years. I needed to wait to the end of the year to find them in stores and use to get large supply of them for all year long. Unexpectedly, I couldn’t find them on the last 2 years, and I just read today (1-23-10) that Mother’s went out of business on 2008, but Kellog’s owns the firm since 2009. I hope they may consider to produce the Gingerbread Man cookies again. They surely will make happy lots of people as me. Congratulations Kellog’s for acquiring the Mother’s cookies firm!

  13. Adria

    I want my Mother’s Cookies gingerbread men this Christmas!!!
    I have ready called their 800 number and left a comment requesting they reconsider their choice not to make them.
    I wonder if enough people call or maybe create a facebook petition they will give in. What do you think?

  14. Go for it! I mean, if a Facebook campaign can get Betty White a hosting gig at SNL, it can surely get some delicious Mother’s Cookies gingerbread men back on the shelf this year…right?

    Let me know if you really start a page and I’ll totally join ya, sista! 🙂

  15. Tamara

    Where’s the cookies? Please bring the gingerbread cookies back. I look for them every year and am sad that I cant find them. They are usaually on the store shelves by now. My husband found some last December but we have had no luck so far 😦



  17. dana weaverd

    The Gingerbread cookies are a Christmas Tradition!!! Bring them back!!

  18. anna eaton

    Please bring back the mother’s gingerbread men cookies. They are widelly and sadly missed.

  19. Dave Di Giorgio

    Please, Kellogs, consider bringing back the gingerbread men cookies. These were the only gingerbread cookies that I ever liked. Grandma always used to have them and I never realized that one day they might be gone forever. I want my wife and son to experience the cookies I used to eat. I remember biting their heads and arms off as a child.

  20. betty j gorman

    I really miss Mother’s iced oatmeal cookies and I have not found any brand that compares to Mother’s. Is Kellogg making a similar one?


  21. irene

    EATING A FEW CHOCOLATE CHIPS right now, I too miss the Iced oatmeal thick cookie, way to go KELLOGG’s YOU”REEEEEEE GREATTTTTT!

  22. annie

    make sure you tell kellogg’s you want the gingerbread men back too!!! I just submitted a request to them. Here is the link:

  23. Catherine

    I still miss the Gingerbread Men. I did a head-to-head comparo with my last remaining bag a couple of years ago and found that Keebler makes a similar tasting cookie (or at least *did* make one; I haven’t spotted any this year yet, so I may yet again be wailing and gnashing my teeth). It’s a little “off” due to the sugar sprinkled on top, but a good facsimile since it doesn’t appear Kellogg’s will be changing their mind any time soon. (But I’ll keep bugging them every year!)

    Has anyone spotted the Keeblers yet this year?

  24. austin

    Need gingerbread …. DAMN!

  25. Karen

    I love the taffy but i don’t understand why GINGERBREAD is no longer on the shelves (they taste exactly like my grandmothers). I have looked for and haven’t found any gingerbread man cookies on the shelves for the past 2/3 years. For a while there, the shelves were overstocked with them (must be when you were closing) and then all of a sudden nothing. BRING BACK THE GINGERBREAD!!!!

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