Merry Christmas Cats!

In honor of the many holiday photo cards we received this year, we wanted to add some pics of our beloved four-legged “children” to the mix. So, happy holidays from Diego and Nigella.

As you can see, Diego is the real fashion plate in the family. His hat actually lights up when Santa is near. And just in case his hat is on the fritz, Nigella kept her eagle eyes — and massive six-toed paw! — on the back door peephole all night long in search of Santa and his reindeer.

And guess what? It worked! Santa was awesome to us all…so, thanks, kitties!

Diego Romero as Santa Claws! (Christmas Eve, 2007)
Nigella watches the night skies for Santa! (Christmas Eve, 2007)

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One response to “Merry Christmas Cats!

  1. Diego really loves wearing that hat … not! He looks as happy to wear that hat as Christine was when we were watching the legendary mid-1990s TV-movie that was Mrs. Claus!

    Luckily Nigella is still young enough not to care about whatever crazy pose you put her in. 🙂

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