Daily Archives: December 3, 2007

Strike Beards!

Many of you have commented on my dashing new “strike beard” — my sister-in-law Laura even jokingly likened it to the beard of all beards belonging to Mr. Kenny “The Gambler” Rogers himself! — so I was thrilled to learn over the weekend, that I am not alone in my hirsute pursuits.

Me, a wench & Captain Jack rocking our strike beards @ Hooters in Hollywood! (Nov. 20, 2007)

Conan O’Brien and several members of his writing staff have begun growing strike beards as well. Hooray! Even in this, the growth of manly, protest facial hair, we are all in this together. Here’s to other striking writers taking up our cause and growing strike beards of their very own!

That oughta show those bastards at the AMPTP how we really feel! We will not shave till we have a fair deal on the table. Grrr…go grizzly!


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