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Scab Kitty New Year’s!

OK, I promise this will be the last post about our cats for a while…but believe it or not, while Christine, my Mom and I were ringing in the new year with my new WGA “strike buddies” at a swinging party thrown by the Slackmistress herself, our cats, Diego and Nigella were engaged in some serious soul searching about the writer’s strike.

Mike, Patty, Me & Christine on New Year’s Eve 2007!

The problem is that they both have very different takes on things. Diego is a real “pencils down, all around” union cat, while Nigella, well, not so much. In her defense, she is a very young 8 months and still learning the cold hard facts of life down here in Hollywood.

Nigella, the “scab kitty” at work! (December 31, 2007)

So when Nigella read recently in the L.A. Times that a few struggling daytime writers have begun quietly scabbing themselves out to keep long-running soaps like “General Hospital” on the air, well, she simply couldn’t restrain herself…

And quicker than you can say “Carson Daly Joke Hotline”, our cat was scab writing soaps for ABC!

Father Diego praying hard for Nigella’s soul (December 31, 2007)

Bad, scab kitty! Bad! Luckily for us, Diego donned his old priest collar and put her to shame pretty quickly and what could have ended in tears and bloodshed, ended peacefully with Nigella softly lowering her pencil, and her little furry black head, in shame.

“Scab Kitty” lowers her pencil in shame… (December 31, 2007)

Way to “pray it out”, Padre Diego! Here’s hoping the new year is good to us all and that the strike ends soon!

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