“Star Wars: The Complete Saga” coming to Blu-Ray this fall!

Even if you didn’t have a ticket to CES last week, self-respecting “Star Wars” fans everywhere felt a powerful disturbance in the Force when it was announced on Thursday that the “Star Wars” saga is finally coming to Blu-Ray Disc this September. Whoo-hoo, thank the maker!

No official street date has been announced, but, you can pre-order your “Star Wars” saga three different ways this time out.

Old School: in a set containing only the original three films and all the extras, New School: the Prequel Films only, with all the extras, or, you can go whole hog and get the Complete Collection of all six films in one big old boxed set for somewhere around $139.99. Hmmm…guess which one I have my eye on?

I think the only bad news for hard-core fans is that we’ll have to buy the full set of “Star Wars” movies…again! I mean, shit, if you count Videodisc, VHS widescreen and full-frame, Laserdisc and DVD, I’ve bought these same damn movies like, five times over. But, hey, who’s counting?

If the rad-ass new trailer (above) is any indication, the Blu-Ray editions are gonna rock, so, start saving your Republic Credits now, baby! Yee-haw!


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3 responses to ““Star Wars: The Complete Saga” coming to Blu-Ray this fall!

  1. Wendy-M.O.M.

    When they come out…lets have a marathon viewing party at your house with movie house goodies and homemade Star Wars themed food (thanks to WS) to go with it! (might make up for not being able to have the royal wedding party)

  2. The six-movie set is on pre-order at Amazon for $89.99

  3. I saw that! I’m still gonna wait and see who else comes up with some down-and-dirty pricing, but, wow, six movies for $89 is a pretty sweet deal!!

    And, Wendy, I am so there. We’ve been wanting to break in our STAR WARS cookbooks too. Wookie Cookies and Yoda Sodas for everyone!!! 🙂

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