Steve Jobs Stanford University Commencement Speech (2005)

If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that Steve Jobs was one-of-a-kind iconic, this speech should put all that to rest. Thanks to my sister-in-law, Laura, for turning me on to this remarkably-power, deeply-moving commencement speech. Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs…



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2 responses to “Steve Jobs Stanford University Commencement Speech (2005)

  1. Ginger

    What a beautiful, thought provoking speech. I love how he really appreciated life and kept his eyes ahead on what might be next, despite the occasional disappointments and set backs. A great example of someone being true to who they were made to be, and how by following that calling he was able to make an amazing impact in the world and how we live and communicate.

    Very moving – thanks for posting this!

  2. I know! Isn’t that the most inspiring thing you ever heard?! And man, some of those quotes are amazing, I wanna print them up and keep them in my pocket where I can read them and get inspired anew when I really need it. Really powerful stuff!!

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