Anne Hathaway & James Franco to co-host the Oscars?!

Wow…what a strange and kinda shockingly-cool pick. We’ve always loved Anne Hathaway and she has been game for anything on a number of award shows recently.  And James Franco is just plain cool in anything. Seriously, he even managed to make a guest-starring gig on “General Hospital” cool.

Yep, he was on a soap opera, like, all last summer. I’m just saying, the dude is cool, not to mention totally versatile. He writes short stories too!

So, yay for both of them. Who knows, maybe their combined newbie host energy will make the Academy Awards a lot more fun? The only weird thing would be if Franco snags a Best Actor nomination for his rocking turn in “127Hours”. What does he do, like, excuse himself and hurry out into the audience to hear his name read? And better yet, what if he actually wins? Does he hold the award next to him the rest of the night? Weirdness.

Either way, kudos to the Oscar producers for thinking completely outside the box with this year’s Academy Awards host picks. Too cool!


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2 responses to “Anne Hathaway & James Franco to co-host the Oscars?!

  1. Ginger

    Really??? Miss Princess Diaries and Mr. New Goblin from Spiderman 3?

    I’m not so sure about them….just because they can act does not mean that they will make good hosts for Hollywood’s biggest night.

    Bring back Hugh Jackman. 🙂

  2. Ha ha! I’m sure the multi-talented Mr. Franco would love the fact that you called him Mr. New Goblin! Hilarious!

    But, you’re right…it could be really cool or really lame. Only time will tell.

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