“It’s on with Alexa Chung”

Other stay-at-home parents might dig “Regis & Kelly”, “Oprah”, “The View” or even the train wreck that is the fourth hour of the “Today Show”, but in this household, we are all about Alexa-freaking-Chung!

Haven’t heard of her? Well, neither had we until her new talk show “It’s on with Alexa Chung” debuted a couple of weeks back on MTV. Apparently Chung is a fairly well-known former model/chat show host in the UK. All I know is that she’s funny, entertaining, and best of all, totally sexy in a goofy, self-deprecating way — which makes her even sexier in my book! — and that Greta and I have become HUGE fans of this show in the past couple of weeks.

Alexa Chung #1

Alexa Chung #2

Of course I think Greta mostly likes the cool colors on the set and stuff at this point, but, I do know that she downs her bottle much more calmly with Alexa Chung cheekily interviewing celebrities in the background. Maybe it’s the cool UK accent, who knows?

All I know for sure is that if you find yourself home at 11:30AM on a weekday, you gotta check this show out. Chung’s interviews are fresh, lively and often genuinely hilarious, and she goes out of her way to involve the audience in any number of bizarre games and contests throughout the show.

One recent episode had Chung and her cohorts trying to break a few world’s records on the air. She had one dude trying to break the record for making the most peanut butter and jelly — she called it jam, of course, which made me love her even more — sandwiches in a minute while another event had Chung seeing how many purses she could hang on former “Destiny’s Child” star Kelly Rowland. Crazy, huh?

Alexa Chung #4

Alexa Chung #3

Alexa Chung #5

But crazy has never been this fun, so, check out this awesomeness before MTV cancels it. I’m sure my old ass is not even remotely the demographic they are aiming for with this show, which was supposedly designed to be a replacement for the late, great “TRL”, but I think most of you out there will love it.

What worries me the most are the bored, vacant looks of the tweens in the audience. Their lifeless stares when Chung cracks a first-rate joke tell me that unless she seriously rocks the ratings, her show might be in trouble. So, get out there and spread the good word, amigos…Alexa Chung rules!



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17 responses to ““It’s on with Alexa Chung”

  1. Hey, gots to support her if she’s (half) Asian!

    I’m gonna check out her show. Thanks for the tip, Tomas, ’cause I’d never heard of her.

  2. Yeah, baby! Alexa rocks…I really think you’ll dig her.

    Also, just sat down, with baby and bottle in hand, to watch the show and realized that it airs in Los Angeles at noon, not 11:30. Sorry for giving out the wrong time above, but it may vary for some of you, so, check your local listings, amigos! 🙂

  3. Every time I hear her name I think, “Hey, one of my peeps.” But she so does not look Asian at all. What’s the story on that?

  4. Hi Sitting Duck,

    I thought the same thing so I Googled her and found inconsistent info (shocking, that!). Some sites say her father is Chinese (her mother is British). Others claim her father is Eurasian so she’s only 1/4 Asian. I’m more inclined to believe the latter since she doesn’t look it at all.

  5. I’m so fascinated by this… I actually looked up pics of her brother DJ Dom Chung, and yeah, I’m seeing a little more Asian in him than Alexa. Still, I agree that they’re probably 1/4. I mean, Phoebe Cates is only 1/16 (I think) and she looks way more Asian.

  6. OMG…you guys are cracking me up! And let me just say that your ongoing discussion about Alexa Chung’s Asian-ness only proves my point about how totally bewitching a persona she is!!

    Since writing this post, our Alexa love have grown tenfold…seriously, when Christine and I are hanging with friends, every other sentences starts with: “OMG, yesterday on Alexa Chung…” We are such freaking geeks!

  7. Oh yeah, and I so did not know Phoebe Cates was Asian. Wow, I think that scene in “Fast Times” just got a little bit hotter… 🙂

  8. Ginger

    So, I checked out her show yesterday, and of course it was the one where she talked about Kate Perry (I think that was who she said) tweeting about not liking Gingers. Totally random!

    Alexa seemed super cute and fun, but I must admit, I felt like I was waaaay older than the intended audience. I think I would really have gotten into the show if it was on when I was in highschool, which of course was just a few years ago…. 😉

    (Wait a minute… I didn’t have MTV at my house in highschool. On second thought, I probably would have watched it at a friend’s house after they had recorded it on a Beta VCR).

  9. Ha!! I was thinking the same thing with the Ginger thing yesterday…hilarious!!

    And speaking as a kid who shared the same cable provider you did (and didn’t have MTV till he well into high school!) I can totally relate to watching it at a friend’s house on Beta! 🙂

  10. Melissa

    Katy and Alexa are probably talking about redheads, not people named Ginger. Brits are kinda funny about gingers.

  11. Cathy

    Umm, what’s wrong with redheads?

  12. Melissa

    I personally have no problem with redheads…then again, I’m not a Brit! ; D I think it’s kind of a jokey thing; I don’t think anyone’s too serious about it. There is a really funny Catherine Tate sketch about it, though…ginger refugee kind of thing.

  13. Wow…we’ve gone from “how Asian is Alexa Chung?” to “what’s wrong with redheads?”. This comment thread is longer than the original post! I say live and let live…half-Asian redheads rule!

  14. Cathy

    Don’t you mean “quarter”-Asian redheads?

    ; ?

  15. Holy shit she’s Asian?
    she looks like some
    white gal

  16. Oops, my bad, Cathy. Thanks for catching my error. And yes, Kristy, she does look “some white gal”…but now we know that she is so much more than that! 🙂

    Long live Alexa Chung!

  17. She’s 3/8 Asian exactly. Dad is 75% Chinese. She was talking about Katy Perry’s fright of redheads — she is fine with them as are Brits. A lot of brits are redheads…

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