“The American Mall” hits stores!

Sorry for not writing in a while, have been kind of crazy busy this week…working on the “American Mall” sequel, watching Olympics, and of course trolling around local stores looking for the best price on “American Mall” DVDs.

I know, I know, is there anything geekier than someone posing for pics behind a DVD display case at Sears? Probably not, but hey, how often am I gonna get a chance to do that?? I mean, come on!

Also hit up a gigantic Blockbuster Video on the Westside (see pic above) and to my delight, there was only one copy of “Mall” left on the shelf to rent…at noon! Wow…someone is renting my movie in Santa Monica!

Anyway, the DVD is for sale everywhere right now and though I recommend snapping up the Special Two Disc Edition at Sears — on sale for $12.99 through 8/16, and $19.99 after that — I did just find out that MTV.com has the standard Extended Edition DVD available for the low, low price of $2.79.

Yep, for the price of a corndog at the mall, you can own “The American Mall” on DVD. Somewhere the retail Gods are smiling…



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2 responses to ““The American Mall” hits stores!

  1. Wow, how’d you find out that it was only $2.79 on MTV? Maybe a good friend of yours gave you a hot tip. 🙂

  2. Ginger

    Yes, I geeked out too on Tuesday and had a friend take a picture of me at the DVD display at Sears! Of course the camera used was my cell phone, so you can imagine the quality of the photo…

    I was super excited to discover that the DVD was only $12.99 and not $19.99 as marked. Woohoo! And, I had preordered the CD on Amazon.com at $12.99. When it came time to ship it, Amazon let me know that they had lowered the price to $9.99 and would be issuing me a refund. Right on, Amazon! 🙂

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