“Rosie Live!”

Judging from the ratings, I think Christine and I were the only losers who actually watched this train wreck of a TV special last week. And considering that Christine stopped watching after the opening number with Liza Minnelli, I guess that means I’m the only loser who watched it all the way through. And, let me tell ya, it was God-awful…


No offense to mis hermanos at Telemundo, but “Rosie Live!” was like a Mexican variety show minus the subtlety. Not only was Rosie herself spectacularly unfunny, but the line-up of guest stars was beyond unholy.

Of course, I expected NBC stars like Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski, and even Conan O’Brien — who appeared just long enough to have a pie thrown in his face by Baldwin! — to show up to shamelessly promote their own shows. But who in their right mind thought of inviting Rachel Ray to wordlessly trot across the stage with a giant fake turkey?

And trust me, Ray was on the normal end of the spectrum. The rest of the show reads like a laundry list of bad ideas: Clay Aiken chatting Rosie up in his full-on “Spamalot” togs, Harry Connick Jr. playing Santa, Ne-Yo cheesing out with the “Solid Gold” dancers, Alanis Morisette going totally goth, a troupe of acrobats spinning to a crazy techo remix of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)”, Gloria Estefan singing with dancing Thanksgiving food, and last, but not least, Kathy Griffin inexplicably dressed as (and lamely spoofing) that old CNN harpie, Nancy Grace.

Seriously, NBC, who thought any of these things were gonna pull in the big numbers? I think the funniest thing about this whole debacle is now that the show has reportedly been canceled after one airing, NBC is retroactively referring to “Rosie Live!” as a “special”. Ha!

How a show widely-touted as a new series one week is downgraded to a one-off special the next is beyond me, but no matter what they call it, “Rosie Live!” was jaw-droppingly bad television. And I watched every lame minute of it. Yikes…


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4 responses to ““Rosie Live!”

  1. Wow. I hadn’t watched it, but reading your review about how God awful it was, it makes me wish I had!

    YouTube, here I come! 🙂

  2. OK, I just watched the opening number with Liza. I actually enjoyed it, even though Rosie’s singing voice makes me cringe (come to think of it, even Rosie’s talking voice makes me cringe).

    Liza looked good too! I guess performing next to Rosie makes anyone look skinny — and that’s with Liza wearing white too!

    But definitely agree with you about that scene with the Gayken … what a waste.

  3. Friday December 5, 2008, the case of Casey Anthony has been predicted by Nancy Grace of CNN through the sentencing phase of the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case. For many months now, Nancy Grace has stated over and over that O.J. Simpson would be sentenced and not be ever allowed out of prison in his lifetime. Which again, Nancy Grace was proven wrong once again. O.J. Simpson will be free some day, up for parole in just around 60 months or so, and this case might be the case to finally get Nancy Grace off the air and behind bars where she belongs. Instead of the life sentence that Nancy Grace deserves for her role ion the deaths of several non-convicted victims, Nancy Grace should hopefully be eligible for release in something like seventeen years, so that she will not be able to negatively impact those two kids she bought as her defense argument in some of her state and federal lawsuits filed against her that she recently lost. We will wait for you O.J. and Casey, sure wouldn’t want to be the judge in either of those cases. Both defendants will surely make millions beginning the day they are back on the streets again, and fairly soon. This new wrong prediction today by Nancy Grace will certainly result in another stay at Nancy’s rehab facility for her drinking and drug problems once again, as it so often results in that way for her when she is so opening humiliated and mocked for her continued errors. Perhaps it would be easier for Nancy to just keep her mouth shut until she learns to only speak the truth. But, that hasn’t happened yet, and look how old this old-fart is as she displays pictures of her on her supervised visits with her great grandkids David and Lucy.

  4. Wow, “Deb Sullivan from Canada”, I thought I hated Nancy Grace… 🙂

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