Graceland: Part IV

Now that we’d eaten that famous sandwich, toured the mansion, and mourned at the grave, we set off to see the rest of Graceland.

While all the museums were awesome in their own way, the highlights for us were the jumpsuits in the “Sincerely Elvis” museum, the “Elvis After Dark” museum and those insanely cool airplanes on the tarmac! Let’s start with the planes…

The “Lisa Marie” @ Graceland!

Located just beyond the main gates are not just one, but two of Elvis Presley’s airplanes: a smaller commuter jet with a swinging interior that would leave Austin Power’s lime green with envy, and the super luxe, converted Convair 880, the “Lisa Marie”.

Purchased from Delta Airlines in 1975, Elvis had the 96-passenger jet completely refurbished to the tune of $800,000.00. His renovations included a full conference room, two bedrooms and a 24 karat gold sink in the bathroom (pictured below).

Stock photo of the gold sink on the “Lisa Marie”!

But the coolest thing to us was what he actually used the plane for.

When Elvis learned that a young Lisa Marie had never seen snow, he famously packed her and his entire posse onto the plane and promptly flew to Denver, Colorado so his daughter could build a snowman. They landed, played in the snow for a few minutes, then hopped back on the plane and headed home to Memphis! Wow…thanks, dad!

Just beyond the planes on your left is another sprawling museum called “Sincerely Elvis”. This one is jammed with row upon row of the dazzling, jewel-encrusted jumpsuits that made the late-career Elvis so freaking awesome!

Cool Elvis jumpsuits @ Graceland!

There are literally hundreds of jumpsuits in this place (as well as in the other museums around the park) but pictured here are some of our favorites.

Elvis’ Aztec Calendar jumpsuit, Graceland!

Elvis’ Tiger jumpsuit, Graceland!

And finally, we come to the “Elvis After Dark” museum. This was the last Graceland museum we visited, and since it’s a little further away from the others — and our dogs were barking BIG TIME! — we almost didn’t make the hike out there. But thank God we did, because here was true Elvis-mania at it’s finest.

A notorious night owl, Elvis lived for the wee small hours (I hear ya, brother!) and this museum is dedicated to all the crazy stuff he and his posse would do “after dark” at Graceland — no prescription drug jokes please.

Housed here is Elvis’ extensive police badge collection, various games and music but best of all, an actual TV that Elvis shot out with a pistol in the mid-70’s (below). Kudos to Vernon and Minnie Mae for saving that thing! So, cool!

TV that Elvis shot out with a gun, Graceland!

But wait, it gets even cooler…

Not only is this museum home to the pimped-out velvet cape/suit that Elvis wore when he famously “dropped in” on President Richard Nixon on December 21, 1970…but in the next display case over is the actual plain gray suit that “Tricky Dick” wore that day as well! Whoa, who knew THIS would be at Graceland?

Nixon’s suit from his meeting with Elvis in

Needless to say, this museum was definitely worth the schlep out there, and the gift store outside the main entrance is probably one of the best at Graceland. We bought a cool, gold-plated Graceland Christmas ornament that I’m sure our ancestors will cherish.

Reconnecting with Mom and Courtney — who were chilling with beers and lemonade while we braved the last couple of museums — we scored some folding chairs in the plaza (actually more like a converted parking lot) and watched the Elvis impersonators sing while we waited with the ever-expanding crowd for the candlelight vigil to begin!



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4 responses to “Graceland: Part IV

  1. How crazy that Nixon’s suit ended up there too!

  2. Intentional or not, I love how the picture of Elvis is reflected on the glass in front of Nixon’s suit.

  3. yeti9000

    I know, that reflection is pretty groovy. I didn’t even notice it at the time, but when I checked out the pics later it kinda spooked me…like those ghostly blurs that show up in people’s pictures sometimes…scary, but cool!

    Maybe Elvis was saying hello from the great beyond or something…

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