Our brand-new Saturn Vue!

Seeing as Saturn’s greedy, ass-backwards parent company, GM, is filing for bankruptcy this morning, I figured now would be the perfect time to blog about our new car. Yep, even though their future is uncertain at best, we decided to stick with the car company that we’ve known and loved for the past thirteen years and bought ourselves another Saturn.

Our new car #1

Our new Saturn Vue #2

Only this time, we’ve upsized a bit and gone totally green! The 2009 Green Line Saturn Vue isn’t just one of the highest-rated hybrid SUV’s on the road, but it also sexy as all get-out. Heated leather seats, sunroof, OnStar, XM Radio, you name it, and this baby’s got it. And did I mention that it’s a hybrid?

Our salesman at Galpin told us that he has several customers who average 500 miles on a single 18 gallon tank of gas. And while that might not sound impressive for a smaller car like our 2004 Saturn Ion, for a mid-sized SUV, that is downright amazing!

Cooler still is the little green “Eco” light that turns on every time you’re driving on hybrid power. I swear to God, it’s like a freaking video game: “Keep it in the green, keep it in the green!” Awesome! And best of all, the thing rides like a dream and is so roomy and comfortable that even my tall-ass brother swims in the backseat…and that’s with Greta’s carseat taking up the middle seat!

Our new Saturn Vue #3

Our new Saturn Vue #4

I’m sure some folks think we’re crazy for buying a new car from a company on the skids, but Christine and I both really love everything that Saturn used to stand for. In their free-donuts-in-every-waiting-room glory days, Saturn was like this cool little cult…all about hip, smartly-appointed, American-built small cars that got great gas mileage and didn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy.

So, even though the clowns at GM have done everything they can to destroy all that was great and forward-thinking about the company over the last few years, we decided to support the dream that began when that first Saturn rolled off the assembly line in Spring Hill, Tennessee in 1990, by buying what just might be the last Vue running.

And no matter what eventually becomes of the Saturn brand, our little girl will grow up in the backseat of a rocking hybrid with a bullet-proof warrantee for parts and services for at least seven years…so, que viva los Saturns!

Our new Saturn Vue #5


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9 responses to “Our brand-new Saturn Vue!

  1. Cathy

    It’s great to know that there are others out there as crazy about Saturn as we are. We still have our first, purchased in 1998. It was pre-owned with 12K. It has 166K and still runs a like a beaut! We love the car (stupid GM) and love the customer service (stupid GM.) We are super, super jealous of your new acquisition. What’s her name?

  2. OMG…I totally forgot you guys were Saturn lovers too. That’s so awesome!! What model do you have? The Vue is actually our fifth Saturn and the second one that we bought outright…so, yay!

    And sadly, we have not come up with a name yet…any suggestions?

  3. Cathy

    We are proud owners of our first Saturn, a 1997 Saturn SL1. Geez, I remember when that sounded like a new car!

    As for name suggestions, just the boring and unoriginal “Green Machine”, not sexy, not female. Tierra Verde? Ooh, Chile Verde! (yum!) Is it lunch time yet?…..

  4. We at Saturn thank you for the kind review and your VUE purchase! I’m glad you love it. Saturn owners like you are the reason we are working hard to find a buyer to keep the brand alive! Stay tuned and thanks for your support.

    Greg Creason
    Saturn Marketing
    ImSaturn.com, @GCAGreg

  5. Name suggestion: Greenie!

    As in the classic line once uttered to one of our mutual friends from an over enthusiastic homeless man: “Hey Greenie, betcha look good in a bikini!”

  6. Melissa

    James, you have been waiting for an opportunity to use that line for a while!

  7. Ha! Totally! James has been sitting on that joke for years…

    And on another note, can I just say that the fact that a Saturn marketing dude read my blog post about how cool Saturns are makes me love them even more! Thanks for the comments, Greg, and here’s hoping the deal with Penske keeps Saturn humming forever! Yay!!

  8. Hi Tomas,

    Thank you for the nice write-up on the Vue and also on the Horseless Carriage. Greta is cute in the pictures!

    All my best,

    p.s. I like your blog

  9. Thanks for checking out the blog, Theo!!

    If there is anyone out there on the market for a new Saturn, make sure and give Theo Van Dries at Galpin a call. Aside from keeping the Saturn service legacy going strong, he is, hands down, the coolest, hardest working salesperson on the lot!

    Rock on, Theo!

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