The KFC Buffet

Wow…who knew? We never actually ate of one of these strange Sizzler-meets-the-Colonel hybirds — for some odd reason, the ladies vetoed me every time I asked — but man, did we see a lot of shiny red, white and blue billboards along the Interstate.

KFC Buffet?

So, although the pleasure of dining here will have to wait till next summer, I did pop over to document the place for the ages when we stopped for gas near the Tennessee border. And, man alive, what a site.

I think the pictures say it all…yikes.

KFC disaster!

KFC disaster #2




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7 responses to “The KFC Buffet

  1. James

    I bet when you saw the sign that says “Please use a new plate each time,” that your thought bubble said, “Can I use two plates?” 🙂

  2. Tom F. Romero

    Ahh yes good ole American food, another of my comfort favorites after a hearty pancake breakfast.


  3. Laura

    Is *everything* deep fried? You people must have gained a ton!

  4. Natalie

    There used to be a KFC buffet on Las Tunas in my hometown of San Gabriel (15 mins from dwntwn LA!). My father loved it.

  5. Jason Reale

    I cant believe this place exists.

  6. that’s kinda of a good idea – i wonder if they still have this?

  7. PierreBourgeois

    I wish they had these in Canada! Just kidding, but it makes for a pretty crazy and fun lunch whenever I’m visiting the States.

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