The Adventure Begins!

Here we are at the very start of our trip in Mom and Courtney’s driveway in Cary, North Carolina.

Hitting the road at the crack of 1:00pm — which is way early for the four of us — our bags are packed, the animals left in the able hands of a sweet, newly-single Scottish lass with an ear for Elvis (“Who doesn’t love Elvis?” was her heartfelt reply to my query about his popularity on her shores) and our iPod is literally bursting with classic country jams.

To paraphrase Paul Simon’s immortal “Graceland” (which would receive almost as much airplay in the car as Cher’s version of “Walking In Memphis”): “The Mississippi delta was shining like a national guitar, [we] are following the river down the highway to the cradle of the Civil War, [we’re] going to Graceland, Graceland! Memphis, Tennessee, we’re going to Graceland!”

Truer words were never sung!

Hitting the road!


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5 responses to “The Adventure Begins!

  1. James

    I’m going with your asses next time.

  2. Tom F. Romero

    Great website I didn’t have time to look at it all but it was enjoyable what I did see.

    I beleive this will be my favorite “BLOG” to visit.


  3. Laura

    Let’s rent a van!

  4. Natalie

    What kind of can food is Christine holding – we are dying to know!

  5. yeti9000

    I’ll have to double check with my Mom, but I believe the mystery soup in Christine’s hand is a dented can of Progresso Minestrone that we found burried under some beach towels in the backseat.

    Thank God we found it when we did as it was moments away from cracking open and the weight of our suitcases would surely have finished the job! And no, we did not eat it…we gave it to the Scottish housesitter, who I hear found it quite tasty!

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