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Vancouver 2010 Olympic Mascots

As we say goodbye to yet another amazing, emotionally-charged Olympic Games this weekend, I think it’s only proper to pay tribute to what were probably the coolest Olympic Mascots of all time. That’s right, amigos, I’m talking about Quatchi, Sumi, Miga, and their adorable little sidekick, Mukmuk!

As luck would have it, my brother Ryan was in Whistler this time last year and managed to score Greta a boxed set with all four of those plush beauties in it. And while those groovy Nagano Snowlet Owls were cool, and the Beijing Mascots kicked butt, I gotta hand it to Vancouver for including a freaking cute-ass Sasqautch in their bunch. Grrr…Yeti like!

Now, let’s see London try and top these guys in 2012!


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“Alexa Chung” gets the axe…

While catching up on our “Alexa Chung” episodes over the weekend, Christine, Greta and I were stunned to hear an emotional Chung proclaim on last Thursday’s episode that not only would that be her last episode of the year, but also, her last episode…bum, bum, bum…ever! Ahhh! Say it ain’t so, Alexa!

Alas, a quick Google search proved that it was indeed so…and that MTV had canceled our beloved “It’s On With Alexa Chung”. Urgh…so sad!!

I mean, I know the show suffered in the ratings and that ill-advised retool at the start of season two certainly didn’t help, but Chung really seemed to find her groove in the last few weeks, and the show had finally settled into what it was meant to be all along: a fun, goofy half hour chat show with music.

I’m not kidding, the last few episodes were golden, baby…A-list talent, crazy skits, cutting-edge music by bands you’ve never heard of…it was awesome. So, to have the show yanked from the schedule just when it was really starting to cook with gas is just plain cruel. Thanks, MTV, for the worst Christmas present ever!

So, as we mourn the loss of the best daytime talk show in years, I’ll leave you with some pics of our favorite Alexa Chung moments from both seasons. She might not brighten our afternoons anymore, but the memory of the lanky, hipster queen of UK chat will live forever in our hearts…

Long live Alexa Chung!


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Yeti footprints found in Himalayas!

OK, this story could be as phony as that fake-ass Bigfoot “corpse” they discovered in Georgia recently, but if the Yeti footprints pictured below are for real, then, wow…this Yeti, for one, will be very pleased indeed!

Discovered by the rocking Japanese team from the Yeti Project Japan during a grueling 42-day expedition to theĀ  Himalayan peak of Dhaulagiri IV, the footprints — shown larger in the first pic above and on the left, in comparison to a human footprint, in the other shot — are said to be irrefutable proof of the mythical Yeti’s existence. Awesome!!

So while Yeti Project Japan leader, Yoshiteru Takahashi, prepares to head back up the mountain for more scientific proof, and maybe even some video this time, the Bigfoot and Yeti geeks of the world — myself wholeheartedly included! — will be waiting breathlessly to see if this Yeti footprint is the one that sticks, and finally silences all those non-believing haters out there.

Grrrr…go, Yeti!!


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