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Barbie & Ken together again!

Wow, we are totally slipping on our pop culture knowledge. Even Christine and I — hard-core Barbie lovers from way back — had no idea that Barbie and Ken had been broken up all this time until we read about it last week. Crazy, huh?

According to Mattel lore, Barbie dumped Ken, after forty-three years of dating bliss, seven years ago on Valentine’s Day. Since then, she has been dating Aussie surfer dude, Blaine, while Ken has been doing everything he can to woo her back.

Well, I guess seven years of wooing worked, because Ken finally won back Barbie’s heart on this past Valentine’s Day. And to celebrate their fateful reunion, Mattel has released a totally groovy update of the original Barbie and Ken dolls in this super-cool Barbie & Ken “She Said Yes” gift set.

But, wait, it gets better! Said gift set is available this week only (2/13 through 2/20) for the low, low price of $5.00 at Target stores nationwide. Ha, just try and beat that price point, Blaine!

As you can imagine, we were first in line when they went on sale Sunday, and Greta has been carrying the born again lovebirds with her everywhere we go. Which is cool and all, but, lemme tell ya, Ken’s flip flops are impossible to keep on, so, he mostly goes barefoot now.

Either way, congrats to the happy couple. This year also marks Ken’s 50th birthday and from what we hear, Mattel has all sorts of other surprises in store for the newly-un-single man of plastic. So, watch out world, because the greatest love story of all time is bound to get a lot more interesting!

Oh yeah, we also just learned that Ken has a last name and it is Carson. Yuckers! I’m hoping Barbie keeps it real and doesn’t take Ken’s last name when they wed, or, re-wed, or whatever they do. I mean, seriously, can you think of a less-fabulous-sounding name than Barbie Carson? Yikes…


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Shopping cart escalators @ Target

OK…I know it’s totally lame to get excited about shit like this, but does anyone else think that the shopping cart escalators at Target are cool as hell? I know, I know, in an age of iPods and cell phones the size of business cards, an escalator that carries your shopping cart upstairs for you seems kind of, well…old hat.

But, man alive, every time I push my cart onto that escalator at the Glendale Galleria Target and ride up alongside it, I can’t help feeling like George-freaking-Jetson. The future is now, baby! Amazing!!


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“American Mall” magazine ads

Thanks to several of my readers and a very cool e-mail blast from my Aunt Debbie, I discovered that there were full-page “American Mall” ads popping up in several magazines this week. So, being the cheap bastard that I am I took my camera down to Costco and snapped a few pics from Us Weekly, People and In Touch magazine, and then headed home to blog about it. So…enjoy!

Oh yeah, and just for the record, I did purchase the rest of the items in my shopping card. Costco bagels rock!

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