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Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park coming to L.A.!

Break out the Butterbeer, amigos! Word on Diagon Alley is that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is finally coming to Universal Studios, Hollywood! Hooray! Now we won’t have to fly all the way to Orlando to check out the awesomeness of the beautifully-designed theme park for ourselves. The park isn’t due to open till 2015 (at the earliest!) but that gives us plenty of time to get Greta up to speed on the books. So, coolness all around…

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Unique L.A. – May 2 & 3, 2009

Good news, amigos! This weekend, May 2nd and 3rd, 2009, Unique L.A., that super cool “independent design and gift sale” that rocked our world last December is returning to downtown Los Angeles. Yay!

Unique L.A. #1

I never got around to blogging about how awesome this rocking two-day event was, but now that it’s coming around again, I gotta tell ya, Unique L.A. rules! Not only do they feature work from over 230 artists, designers and musicians, but they also feature said artistry at a totally reasonable price!

Last time we came home with bags full of cool baby duds from Misha Lulu, some killer prints for Greta’s nursery from Etsy artist Brigette B., incredibly-cool little burp cloths from Baby Eggi and a pair of free frilly panties from our friend Nic’s kick ass line of fancy panties, Knickerocker. Thanks, Nic!

Unique L.A. #8

Unique L.A. #2

Unique L.A. #3

Unique L.A. #4

Actually, Nic and her equally-talented husband, Dan, are the ones who turned us onto Unique L.A. in the first place. When we heard Nic was displaying her wares there last December, we were there in a heartbeat. And while we knew Nic’s stuff was gonna rock, we had no idea how groovy the rest of the show was gonna be.

I mean, seriously, there was some really hip, one-of-a-kind shit on display, and almost all of it was totally affordable. Even cooler was the fact that you got to actually meet the artists who made the stuff since most of them were manning their own booths. Way cool!

So, if you’re in the market for some truly unique art, jewelry, clothing or even music from some swinging local hipsters, check out Unique L.A. this weekend at the California Market Center Penthouse.

Unique L.A. #5

Unique L.A. #6

Unique L.A. #6

For information on tickets (which are a total steal at only $5 per person!) and parking, click here. We’ll be hitting the showroom on Sunday afternoon with the stroller in tow, so, hope to see you there!


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Not Chris Brown’s Bentley…

Not sure if this made news anywhere but here in televised-car-chase-happy Los Angeles, but the slow speed police pursuit of a mysterious white Bentley was all over our news tonight. The fact that every station we flipped to breathlessly suggested that the driver of the Bentley might be alleged Rihanna-beater Chris Brown made the story even more surreal.

Not Chris Brown's Bentley #1

Seriously, you should have heard NBC4’s Colleen Williams and Paul Moyer getting all TMZ about the “alleged elebrity connection” to the chase. True, they never said the words “Chris” and “Brown”, but, man alive, did they try. It was kind of insane…

To make things even weirder, the chase ended a few blocks from our house in nearby Universal City. We could actually see and hear the news helicopters from our bedroom, so, like all good Angelenos we kept watching the news (even online) to see who was driving that freaking Bentley.

Of course, L.A. news being what it is, we never did find out who the driver was, some people are saying it was Miami rapper DJ Khaled, but his MySpace page seems to dispute that. And just now, I heard that the driver allegedly shot himself as the SWAT team moved in on him. Yikes!

Not Chris Brown's Bentley #2

Not Chris Brown's Bentley #3

Not Chris Brown's Bentley #4

So, after all that dramatic news coverage, all we know for sure is that it was not Chris Brown who led what looked like the city’s entire police force on a slow speed chase through the highways and biways of Los Angeles. And that even by L.A. standards, last night’s news was just plain crazy…


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