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Where we’ve been…

Our Facebook friends have already seen some of these pics, but after being away from our blog for way too long, Christine and I wanted to finally fill the rest of you in on where we’ve been…

No, we weren’t off in Fiji with the baby for the past two weeks. We were actually up north helping Christine’s Mom rid herself once and for of the crazy-ass huckster she has called her boyfriend for the past six years. Yep, it’s official, Christine’s Mom finally gave the worthless a-hole the boot. Hooray!

Eviction day #1

Eviction Day #2

And while internet defamation and slander laws — not to mention a certain chain-smoking weasel’s litigious streak! — won’t permit me from going into too much depth about why she kicked him out. I will say this, it is my opinion that this man is a lying, thieving drug addict who has made sponging off poor, unsuspecting old ladies an art. And I, for one, was more than happy to show that bastard the door!

Yeah, we had some hairy “as-seen-on-COPS” moments — three Sheriff’s deputies came to the house when things got really heated at one point — but Greta and Christine were never involved in any of the major battles and as of yesterday afternoon, the loser was still gone. So, yay for us!

And while I didn’t wanna waste any pics on the man of the hour himself, I hope you’ll cherish the shots of him driving away for the last time as much as we did. I’m not kidding, amigos, I was so happy to see the dude go that I was actually singing to myself as he drove off.

Here’s hoping we never see that worthless piece of shit again…

Eviction Day #3

Eviction Day #4


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