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The iPhone Generation

Early contract termination fees be damned, Christine and I finally broke down last week and joined the cult of iPhone. That’s right, amigos, we both switched over and are, at long last, a two iPhone household. Hooray! Some of our … Continue reading

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Apple’s new must-have: the iPad

OK, I know I’ve been away for a while — we were in NYC for a friend’s wedding and then returned with wicked colds, so, we have a good excuse — but when I heard that Apple was finally unveiling … Continue reading


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Greta’s self pics on Photo Booth

OK, I don’t mean to sound like the annoying new Dad bragging about how smart his daughter is or anything, but Greta has been doing something the past couple of days that really blows both Christine and I away. No, … Continue reading


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The Historic Plaza Hotel

My first week here in New Mexico, we were shooting up north in a small Western-era town called Las Vegas. The town is so cinematic that was almost like staying on a studio lot…and once the sun went down, it … Continue reading


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RIP: HAL 9000

OK, I know I haven’t written in a bit, and while a big part of the blame is my own, another huge chunk of the blame can be heaped on my late, great, Macbook, HAL 9000. Yes, I said late. … Continue reading


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Radiohead: “In Rainbows”

Avid Radiohead fans rejoice! For today, October 10th, marks the release of the band’s new package-free download-only album, “In Rainbows”. Their first album — not including Thom Yorke’s 2006 solo outing “The Eraser” — since 2003’s incendiary “Hail To The … Continue reading

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