Michael Bublé Christmas Special airs tonight!

OK, normally, I wouldn’t be gushing about anyone’s Christmas Special, since, as a general rule, they usually kinda suck. But, just listened to Michael Bublé’s new Christmas album all the way through for the first time and, well, it’s pretty awesome. Fun, light, swinging, at it’s best it sounds like you tossed Bing Crosby and Harry Connick Jr. in a blender…really great stuff.

So, imagine my surprise when I found out that Mr. Bublé’s Christmas Special is airing tonight on NBC! And cooler still is his stellar guest list: Justin Beiber, Kelli Pickler, Thalia, Jennifer Hudson, Ed Helms and Oscar the Grouch?! Wow, seriously, dude, you had me at Beiber. I’m so there.

And, hey, even if the Christmas Special sucks, trust me, the album really is good. So, make sure and check it out!


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3 responses to “Michael Bublé Christmas Special airs tonight!

  1. MichaelBubleChristmas was really wonderful! JustinBeiber was crap (and common! Pull up your PANTS!), but everything else was SPOT ON!

  2. Annette Saling

    Michael Buble’s Christmas Special was fabulous and reminded me of the shows I used to watch when I was a kid, Perry Como, Dean Martin, Andy Williams Christmas specials and I want to see him do one every year. I loved it, the music and little skits were so great. He is a very wonderful entertainer and has a beautiful voice for all the songs he sings.

    More, please, more..

  3. OMG, I could not agree with you more, Annette! That was one of the best Christmas specials EVER! And that smooth, retro vibe gave it so much warmth and humor. Pass the eggnog, baby, I’m gonna watch it again! 🙂

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