“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” starts tomorrow on ABC

OK, I know it’s a whole day away, but, we are so excited about the season two premiere of “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” tomorrow night on ABC that we just had to blog about it today…er, well…tonight. In any case, now you have a full day’s notice to set your Tivo’s!

And, trust me, you’re gonna wanna them set for this. Because, from the trailers we’ve seen, Tivo-worthy is the name of the game this season on “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”. I mean, seriously, if you thought those mean old lunch ladies in West Virginia were hard core, just wait till you see Jamie facing off with the shriveled old coots on the L.A. Unified Board of Education. Yikes!

Yep, you read that correctly, this season’s “Food Revolution” is set right here in sunny SoCal, or at least it was until Jamie and company had their permits pulled mid-shoot. The Board also banned “Food Revolution” camera crews from shooting at all public school campuses in Los Angeles to boot! See, I told you this season would be juicy!

So, set your Tivo’s, whip up a healthy snack and tuck on in, because “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” is taking flight tomorrow on ABC!


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4 responses to ““Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” starts tomorrow on ABC

  1. Cathy Moon

    Can’t wait! Well, we’ll have to since ABC starts airing in Watsonville on the 18th. But it should be good. Having our oldest start kindergarten this year, I was shocked to see kids coming out of the lunch room with hamburgers warmed in sealed plastic bags. Mike volunteered on their “Salad Bar Day” and said that their one lunch lady appeared to just take food out of containers and give them directly to kids, no cooking, just boxes. Sort of scary considering the abundance of locally grown, healthful food that surrounds us.

  2. Cathy Moon

    Okay. Just watched the show. I don’t know what is more disturbing: the food in the schools or the apathy of the LA public about the food in the schools.

    And I don’t know who I feel worse for: the school kids or Jamie.

  3. Oh, man…I know. I was so bummed by that first episode. But, from what I hear in the Times, the school district is changing their tune in light of all the bad publicity they’ve been getting since the show aired last week…so, who knows, maybe public pressure will lead to some much-needed changes!

    So, go, Jamie!!

  4. Cathy Moon

    painful to watch…like standing by a swinging door that keeps whacking you in the face.

    Power to you, Jamie!

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