Save our libraries, vote “Yes on Measure L” today!!

Oh, man, you don’t even wanna know how bummed Christine and I are that we can’t vote “Yes on Measure L” today. But, because we live in Burbank, which is its own city, we cannot. But what we can do is urge anyone of voting age in Los Angeles to get out there today and save our libraries!

Even before Christine starting working at The Library Store, we used the hell out of the libraries in Los Angeles and beyond, and now that Greta is here, well, forget about it. Books and libraries are a huge part of our lives and let me tell ya, the libraries in Los Angeles are in serious trouble.

Shortened hours, brutal staff and budget cuts and a philistine mayor and city hall who care more about pricey, unproven after-school gang prevention programs than they do about libraries have driven the already beleaguered LAPL system even further into the ground.

Well, guess what else keeps kids off the streets and out of gangs, Mayor Villaraigosa? You got it, libraries! Los Angeles ranks last in per capita spending on library materials in the eight largest U.S. library systems…LAST! We are a major metropolitan city, amigos, that is just plain shameful.

Great cities deserve great libraries, they are the cornerstone of learning and a real beacon of light in our community, especially in these troubled times, so, please, please vote “Yes on L” today.

To read more about the awesomeness that is Measure L, please click here.


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4 responses to “Save our libraries, vote “Yes on Measure L” today!!

  1. Thanks for supporting libraries, Tomas! I don’t know what this city will do if there are more cuts to the libraries. It would mean even more reduction of hours and many closures of branch libraries. I hope everyone who can, votes today!

  2. Thanks for the comments, Christine! But what are you doing online?? You should be stuffing “Yes on L” flyers into every customer’s hand as they walk into the store! Get busy!! 🙂

  3. Sarahwl

    If only we could Tomas! We have to zip our lips about Measure L here at the library. Hopefully everyone in the store is getting our telepathic YES ON L messages we’ve been sending out nonstop!

  4. UPDATE: Measure L totally passed by an overwhelming majority, so, hooray for libraries! And many thanks to all the literate Angelos who voted to save one of our most cherished civic institutions. You guys rock!!!

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