Worst Oscar Telecast ever!

How boring was last night’s Oscar telecast? So boring that I couldn’t even stay awake to blog about it afterwards…and, trust me, I stay up late up all the time, so, that is really saying something.

Long, strangely-paced, badly-produced, hosted and directed, I gotta tell ya, last night’s show was probably the worst Oscar telecast of my adult life. And, yes, I’m including the David Letterman and Rob Lowe/Snow White fiascos.

The thing that really kills me is that I was so excited about the hosts this year. I love Anne Hathaway to death and James Franco is great in everything I’ve ever seen him in…but, together, wow, they were like, epically bad.

I know most of the blame falls at the feet of the lame-brained writers and producers — did we really need those hideous “Gone With The Wind” and “Titanic” graphics projected in the background? And don’t even get me started about that freaky Bob Hope hologram…yikes! — but Hathaway and Franco were so boring that you could practically hear viewers switching the channel. Urgh…

To her credit, Hathaway at least tried to keep things lively, but the dead-eyed Franco looked like he needed a nap most of the night. Watching Hathaway desperately flit around the stage last night while Franco half-napped at the podium reminded me of those old elementary school group projects where one person on the team always worked harder than the other. As a team, they failed, but, I think I’d give Annie an “A” for effort!

Not helping the overall yawn-factor last night was the fact that almost everyone who was predicted to win, did. Which is cool for the very-deserving winners (way to go, Queen Amidala!) but makes for really boring television. Thankfully, “Inception” cleaned up in the technical categories…so, that was fun to watch, even if Christopher Nolan was denied his Oscar (again!).

Dying to hear what you guys thought of the show, and if you have any suggestions for better hosts for next year — hell, that Bob Hope hologram would be better than Hathaway and Franco! — I’d love to hear them too…so, fire away!


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2 responses to “Worst Oscar Telecast ever!

  1. Every time I looked at Franco, I kept asking myself, “Does he even want to be there?” His dullness as a host was only exacerbated when Billy Crystal came out, reminding everyone watching of how much a good host contributes to the show (even if I did think the resurrection of Bob Hope from the dead was a lame concept).

    And regarding the Rob Lowe/Snow White dance routine, as bad as it was, it was still fun to make fun of it. Last night’s show didn’t even offer that.

  2. Oh as for suggestions for next year…

    I’d be surprised if there isn’t a Draft Billy movement started in social media circles (along the lines of getting Betty White to host SNL).

    I think Franco’s Pineapple Express co-star Seth Rogen would make a fun host, and he would appeal to the same generation of stars the producers angled for this year. Jason Schwartzman, Paul Rudd or Joseph Gordon-Levitt would also be interesting choices.

    Tim suggested last night that Tina Fey would be a great host, although she’s better known for her television work (although there is Baby Mama and Date Night … actually never mind, those films are better off forgotten)

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