The Return of Alexa Chung!

Hooray! for the first time in, like, well…forever…NBC’s Golden Globe Pre-Show was actually worth watching. And it had nothing to do with a strangely-overdressed Natalie Morales or that stupid-old WGA scab, Carson Daly. Nope, this time, they had a real fashionista on the red carpet, someone who knew their shit and had a rocking sense of humor to boot. And guess who that fair lass was?

That’s right, my girl, Alexa Chung, has returned to American television, amigos! I don’t even know why they needed those other two layabouts, because when it came to hip, fresh, and fun red carpet interviews, Alexa Chung ruled the roost.

So, if anyone at NBC is listening, please, for the love of God, ditch the three-host approach and give Alexa full-reign over the red carpet next year. She’ll kill it!

Long live the new queen of all media, Alexa Chung!


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4 responses to “The Return of Alexa Chung!

  1. Bonnie

    I agree. Alexa was fabulous – a fresh new approach, and I really loved how she didn’t suck up to the stars. Wow – when has that ever happened before on TV?

  2. Karrie

    Are you kidding? She was frumpy… looked like she was on her way to the library. She looked nervous. She looked uncomfortable. She seemed lazy and disinterested. Her eyes were shifty. It was like watching a train-wreck.

  3. Alexa chung who??? She should stick to modeling. Her hair looked like she just crawled out of bed and her dress was awful!!!!! Looked like a granny dress. I couldn’t believe it.

  4. Sorry, D.J. and Karrie, but, I’m with Bonnie on this one. I mean, did you see Chung “knight” Alec Baldwin with her pretend royal sword? Classic!

    What I loved best about Chung last night is that she casually chatted up the celebs like they were regular folks. She didn’t get all starstruck and googly-eyed like Natalie Morales and, unlike sucky-old Carson Daly, who admitted he didn’t really care what anyone was wearing, Chung did care! And like all good fashionistas, she was cool enough to not make a deal about it. She knew her designer gowns, she looked rad in her “granny dress” and she used her sly, cheeky sense of humor to charm everyone she interviewed. What more could you ask for in a red-carpet host? 🙂

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