2011 Golden Globes wrap-up

OK, after reading several, far better and far more in-depth accounts of all that went down at the Golden Globe Awards last night, I just have two things to add.

One, I thought host Ricky Gervais, though a bit crass at times, was even better as a host this time than he was last year. Yes, he pushed some buttons, but, man alive, some of his shit was hilarious. The bottom line is that he kept the crowd on their toes and I haven’t heard any of the Gervais-haters say they were bored by the show. So, kudos to you for keeping it real, Ricky!

The second thing is that I was really pleased, if not entirely surprised, by most of the winners. Everyone who won seemed really excited and honored to be there and that always makes for a good show.

And though I cheered out loud for several of the winners, I gotta say, seeing a dyed-in-the-flannel, 90’s alt-rocker like Trent Reznor collect a Golden Globe for his brilliant work on “The Social Network” soundtrack…wow…that was the highlight of the night as far as I’m concerned.

I downloaded Reznor and Atticus Ross’ soundtrack last week on Amazon and have been listening to it non-stop. The movie itself is collecting a little too many awards for my taste — if I have to see that smug-ass Aaron Sorkin pick up another award for his hugely-overrated screenplay, I might puke. Urgh! — but “The Social Network” soundtrack deserves every award it wins. So, rock on, guys!

And finally, if there was any doubt about who will not only be nominated, but also win Oscars this year in the major acting categories, it was wiped away last night. With the exception of a surprise Best Supporting Actress nod for the amazing Hailee Steinfeld for “True Grit” — which might give Melissa “The Fighter” Leo a real run for her money — I think everyone pictured here will repeat at the Oscars.

Yeah, Annette Bening is overdue for some Oscar gold, but her ham-fisted work in “The Kids Are All Right” is so not her finest hour on film. She’ll get another shot someday and if it makes her feel any better, she won’t lose an Oscar to Hilary Swank this time out. So, there’s always that!

Which means, we’ll have two royals in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories at this year’s Academy Awards: The extremely-deserving Colin Firth for “The Kings Speech” and Queen Amidala of Naboo herself for “Black Swan”. Yee-haw!


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4 responses to “2011 Golden Globes wrap-up

  1. Well, this was the first time ever that i cracked up so hard watching an award show, that i was crying!!! The only reason i even bothered to remember that the golden globes were on was due to Ricky…. And furthermor­e he did not say ANYTHING that any one else here comments (e.g. Hugh Hefner) at the movie critics (e.g. the tourist) …. this is more like a fake “oh i’m so offended” type of deal.

  2. Hey! Thanks for the link to my recap!

    Like you, I’m completely on board and rooting for the frontrunners except for that Facebook movie, Fincher, and Sorkin. Best movie of the year? Wha?? I do like that minimal score.

    I never thought about the top acting winners being a king and queen! Ha! And though I’m a HUGE Bening fan, I don’t get all the love for that performance. I thought Julianne Moore was more affecting and she may not even get nominated.

  3. Ha! I am so with you on the Bening/Moore front. Julianne did way more heavy lifting in that movie than Bening did and she should, at the very least, get a nomination of her own as well. But, overall, I gotta say, I HATED “The Kids Are Alright”!!

    Everyone in that f-ed up family were dicks! And they totally used Mark Ruffalo’s character up and then spit him out when it suited them. He was the best thing in the movie in my opinion and his character was way better off before he met those self-involved bastards…yikes! I have no idea why that movie is the darling of the awards circuit this year, maybe people think the lesbian mom angle is edgy or something…who knows?

  4. I’m glad Paul and I aren’t the only ones who weren’t impressed by KIDS (we didn’t love SOCIAL NETWORK, either) but did like Ruffalo’s character. He was just a groovy dude doing his thing when they came around and messed him up.

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