Missing Martha Stewart…

While putting up our classically cool, white-on-white Martha Stewart Christmas tree this past weekend, Christine told me that she suddenly realized that she really missed being able to watch Stewart’s daytime show “Martha” on a daily basis. I think she said “profoundly missed”, but, I could be wrong.

Either way, there is a void in our lives this holiday season and it is all due to the fact that Martha Stewart moved her show to the freaking Hallmark Channel. Urgh! No offense, Hallmark Channel, many of your made-for-television movies look awesomely bad, but, come on, why you gotta bogart the Martha?

I mean, who even gets the Hallmark Channel?? I know we don’t and I don’t think very many other cable carriers down here do, so, who is watching “Martha” in our absence? Well, according to a recent LA Times article, no one. Stewart’s show is tanking in cable obscurity and it’s just not right!

So, for the love of all things good and baked and hand-made this holiday season, ditch the Hallmark Channel while you can and come on home to network television, Martha. The holidays are so not the same without you…


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2 responses to “Missing Martha Stewart…

  1. Ginger

    Ummm…hello… I do get the Hallmark Channel, and I just LOVE my cheesy Christmas Hallmark movies! Just watched an old John Denver one a few nights ago – woohoo! As a friend who is older than me once said: “You can take the girl out of Hallmark, but you can’t take Hallmark out of the girl.” Ha!

    Seriously though, sorry to hear that you are missing Martha. I know how much you two love “all things Martha.” Total bummer. 😦

  2. OMG, John Denver, Christmas, movie? You had me at the “J” in “John”…sounds totally Christmas-tastic!

    And for the record, if we had that stupid old Hallmark channel, we’d be watching the shit outta those movies too, and best of all, we’d get to see our Martha again! So, I got no beef with the channel itself, just the fact that they ruined Christmas in our house… 😦

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