The iPhone Generation II: Meet Desmond!

Oops! Somehow, in my enthusiasm for our spanking-new iPhones, I totally forgot to tell you my new baby’s name. Christine has yet to settle on a cool name for hers, but mine was Desmond from the get go! I mean, come on, how could I not name the coolest, life-altering mobile phone in the world after the coolest, time-bending “Lost” character ever? It was just too perfect, so, Desmond it was…Mr. Hume if you’re nasty.

Now, if I could only talk Christine into naming her iPhone Penny, all would be right with the world, brutha


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3 responses to “The iPhone Generation II: Meet Desmond!

  1. Ginger

    And here I thought you chose the name Desmond from the Beatles song…sigh…

  2. Cathy Moon

    Ginger: Spoken like someone who has missed out on the best show ever! So sad. : )

    Tom: Glad to hear that “Lost” (and my favorite character) live on in your super cool phone. Enjoy.

  3. Ha, ha! Thanks, Cathy. Glad to know that at least one of you Betz kids enjoyed “Lost”!! 🙂

    Also, if it makes you feel any better, Ginger, I did hear someplace that the “Lost” producers got the idea for Desmond’s name from the Beatles song, so, yay for you for noticing!

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