Happy Father’s Day, amigos!

Thanks to this delicious 10 pack of Dad’s Root Beer (made with real cane sugar, y’all!) I know what I’ll be drinking this Father’s Day. But even better than the frothy root beer will be the awesome company I’ll get to share it with!

I know it sounds super corny, but being your Daddy is the best job I ever had, Greta B., and I’ll love you forever. Happy Father’s Day, everyone!


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3 responses to “Happy Father’s Day, amigos!

  1. Happy belated Father’s Day! That is just sweeter than sweet but in the best way. Hope you didn’t drink that whole 10-pack in one sitting!

  2. Ha! It was tempting, but, no, we’re trying to make that delicious Dad’s Root Beer last a while longer…you know, at least until tomorrow! 🙂

  3. Greta doesn’t look like she’s giving it up! Hope you managed to sneak at least one bottle away from her, maybe during a nap! 🙂

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