Mr. Potato Head Elvis

Whoa…could this summer get any cooler? I just got an email from my friends at announcing the upcoming launch of a super cute Mr. Potato Head Elvis! Yay, now my Darth Tater won’t be so lonely.

Introduced to the world by a rocking Elvis tribute artist in a sparkly Elvis jumpsuit, Mr. Potato Head Elvis’ debut is timed to coincide with Elvis Week 2010 and will be followed at Christmas time by a ’68 Comeback Special version in black leather! Whew, now I finally know what to ask Santa for!



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6 responses to “Mr. Potato Head Elvis

  1. How apropos, since Elvis, in later life, clearly loved potatoes.

  2. Melissa

    Kameron has a Transformers Potato Head: Optimash Prime. Love it.

  3. Cool!! I haven’t seen those…they sound awesome!

  4. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as Darth Tater! AWESOME! Must work harder on my nerd cred.

    The Elvis ‘Tato is too cool.

  5. Mom

    I love it! Next time I visit I want to see Darth Tater – somehow I have missed that in your collection.

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