Farewell to “Lost”

I know much has been written about the recent series finale of “Lost”, so, I won’t bore you yet another analysis of what they got right and less right at the end. But I will tell you that we freaking loved every crazy minute of that finale.

Yes, there are still a couple of unanswered questions — If women couldn’t have babies on the island, why were Ethan and Aaron both born there? What was Widmore’s real end game and how did he find the island again? And where the hell was Walt, who was so central in seasons past, in all this craziness? — but overall, we thought the show ended perfectly.

And as far as the much-maligned “flash-sideways” go, we thought they were some of the coolest moments of the entire series. Seeing Locke finally experience a true and lasting love with Helen, watching Jack be the loving father he never had to his son, David, that shit was beautiful.

But the real kicker was seeing Ben do the right thing and selflessly help his “daughter” Alex this time around. OMG, the post-dinner scene with him and Rousseau in the second-to-last episode just about killed me. I was sobbing!

Christine and I also wept like babies — poor Greta looked so confused! — when Sun and Jin and Sawyer and Juliet were reunited in the finale. That beautiful music and those series-encompassing flashes were just…wow…I’m getting weepy again just thinking about it.

I’ll probably be nerding out over the finer points of the show for years, so for now, let me just say a huge “Lostie” thank you to everyone involved with bringing this trippy, genre-bending series into our lives.

You guys rocked our world for six amazing seasons, so, thanks for the memories, amigos…and, as our Dharma Initiative friends would say, namaste!


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5 responses to “Farewell to “Lost”

  1. Cathy Moon

    As a late arrival to LOST (we started picking it up on Hulu last September and watched the final episode last night), I am thrilled to have experienced the ride and am jealous of those who are just discovering it. The finale was as perfect as life is, and did justice to the show.

    For now, I am tempted to rediscover the LOST world all over again. Thank goodness for Hulu.

  2. Oh man, so glad to hear you guys are fans! We hardly know anyone who loves the show as much as we do, so, it’s nice to meet some fellow Losties!

    I’m such a goober that I actually re-watched the last three episodes last week just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. CRAZY! And don’t even get me started about my dreams…I have had a “Lost” dream every night since the show ended. Seriously! This morning I woke up counting the magic numbers in my head…yikes!

    Christine says I need to be like Jack and the others and “let go”, but, I’m so bummed that the show is over, I feel like I’m in mourning or something…so sad!!!!! 😦

  3. Cathy Moon

    I love Christine’s wisdom… wish I could take some of it! However it did take Jack quite a while to let it go. In the past, I’ve really gotten into TV shows (Arrested Development, X-files…) but this one really, really is leaving its mark with me.

    Did you know that if you add up the numbers they equal the time interval between typing in the numbers?

  4. Dan

    Hey Guys

    never watched Lost. I need to.

    hope everything is great.


  5. Oh, dude…you seriously gotta check it out once the entire series comes out on DVD in August. You and Nicola will go crazy for it! BEST. SHOW. EVER!

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