Time flies…

I know it’s only been a month since I posted something new, but, let me tell ya…it feels like it’s been a frigging year. I don’t know what y’all have been up to, but this has been one seriously long-ass month around here, amigos.

On April 1st (which was my birthday, for anyone still shopping for gifts) my sister-in-law, Laura, was hospitalized for what at first looked like a stroke. As if that wasn’t scary enough, it turns out that the stroke was brought on by a rare neurological condition called Moyamoya Syndrome. In the simplest terms — which are the only one’s I can wrap my unscientific mind around — Moyamoya is an inherited disease that causes certain arteries in the brain to become constricted which can often lead to blockages and strokes. When the main arteries get blocked, they sometimes generate tiny offshoot blood vessels that resemble a cloud of smoke in X-rays, hence the name Moyamoya, which translates as “puff of cigar smoke” in Japanese.

Once the doctors realized what they were dealing with, Laura was moved to UCLA Medical Center where she sailed through brain surgery like a bad ass and is now in the rehab wing across the street. It will be a long road to a full recovery, but she is already way further along than most people are at this stage, so we are  all very optimistic. And did I mention how punk she looks with a rad, half-shaved head? Awesome!

Anyway, the good news is that, if all goes well, Laura will be coming home on Friday to complete her rehab from home in Glendale. Yay! I’m sure she’s dying to get back to some semblance of normality and being home will totally help in that respect. Hell, I think she’ll be happy to just have her own Tivo back!

And of course we’ll all be happy to be done with hospitals, not to mention that obscenely over-priced parking structure at UCLA! I’m sorry, man, but hospitals suck so bad. And trying to keep Greta from touching every shiny, germy surface in sight when we visit is next to impossible. Urgh, I practically bathed her in hand-sanitizer that first week we visited.

So, as things ever-so-slowly ramp back up to normal, or the “new normal” as my brother Ryan calls it, I just wanted to thank everybody out there for bearing with us as we completely abandoned our blog. Sorry…

And as far as the month of April goes, I usually love you, baby, but you kinda sucked this year…here’s hoping May is a whole lot better for everyone. Most especially for our favorite little puff of smoke herself, Auntie Laura. Get well soon, sweetie…we love you!


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5 responses to “Time flies…

  1. Wan

    Oh my god! Brain surgery?! What a rough month — Ryan and Laura are such troopers. I’m so glad things are looking good for her and I’m keeping them in my thoughts.

  2. Thanks, Wan. I know…crazy, huh? They are both doing great though and Laura looks and sounds better every time we visit. We’re actually headed out there tonight for our last visit at the hospital, so, I’ll tell her you said hey!

  3. Aunt Debbie

    Laura and Ryan are both so awesome! The love and devotion between the two of them is truly inspiring! The road will be long, but with the love and support of our family they will make it and we will be there every step of the way. Tommy & Christine were so supportive for the last month+. We should all hope to have brothers and sisters like them ( I do!). Love you all!

  4. Ginger

    Hooray for Laura heading home this week – woohoo! So good to hear how she is progressing along in her recovery. May the journey ahead be filled daily with hope and new goals reached. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, scary! I’m so glad Laura’s on the road back to awesome.

    Good to see you blogging again, too.

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