Best Super Bowl Ad (2010 Edition)

OK, so, we didn’t post a link to our favorite Super Bowl ad last year, or the year before, but starting today, Christine and I have decided to post our favorite of the dozens of crazy-expensive, wildly over-produced Super Bowl ads that air each year during the big game. Yes, amigos, we still Tivo the game strictly for the commercials. But we do always watch the halftime show — which rocked! Long live, The Who! — so, that counts for something, right?

Anyway, I gotta say that this year’s crop of commercials was a little weak compared to years past and most of the heavily-hyped ads were downright lame. Betty White playing football for Snickers? Funny concept, but stupid ending. Same thing with Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo hamming it up as the Griswold’s in that painfully-stupid promo. Yikes…

And though we loved the Bud Light ads — that beer can house was hilarious! — the one commercial that came out of left field and moved us both to tears — seriously, we were totally bawling — was the Google Search Stories ad: “Parisian Love”. Simple, elegant, and beautifully produced, it was a sweeping, epic love story stuffed into one lovely little minute. Really touching stuff. Wow…

And if you enjoyed that one, there is actually an entire Google Search Stories channel on YouTube (who knew?) with a bunch of other equally-cool commercials. So, check it out!

Also, dying to hear which ads you loved or hated this year, so, comment away…


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4 responses to “Best Super Bowl Ad (2010 Edition)

  1. Damon

    The beer house was great– and the running gag of “here we go!” on all the Bud Light spots was pretty funny. The Betty White spot was probably funnier on paper.

    My favorite had to be Leno, Oprah and Dave, if only for the “holy crap, how did they pull that off” factor.

  2. Oh, man…I forgot about the Jay, Oprah and Dave ad. That was pretty funny. Although it would have been even better if Conan appeared in that doorway in the background asking where the dip was or something! 🙂

  3. Cathy Moon

    I thought Conan should have been peeking in the window as though he had not been invited to the party.

  4. This was a good add. So Google decided to spend money on advertising ha. This is new for them as they make tons of money selling online adds. It was a good super bowl add if I do say so, though.


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