Apple’s new must-have: the iPad

OK, I know I’ve been away for a while — we were in NYC for a friend’s wedding and then returned with wicked colds, so, we have a good excuse — but when I heard that Apple was finally unveiling their long-rumored tablet computer today, I knew I had to write about it!

That’s right, amigos, after months of wild speculation, Steve Jobs pulled a rabbit out of his hat again with the announcement of the groovy new iPad touchscreen computer. Roughly the size of a magazine the iPad is like a marriage between an iPhone and Macbook…only way cooler.

You can surf the internet, upload pictures, and music and best of all, read a digital book with a lovely full-color page view. Take that, Kindle! But I think my favorite thing about this sleek, revolutionary gadget is the price tag. Get this, the iPad starts at the low, low price of $499 for the 16GB version.

The 32GB version is going for $599 and the 64GB version will set you back a very reasonable $699. 3G versions are also coming down the pike soon, but even they top out at well under a thousand dollars. So, get in line now, people, because these things are gonna fly off the shelves.

I know I totally don’t need an Apple iPad right now, but, wow, soaking up the beauty of this lovely new creature right now, one word comes to mind: iWant!


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4 responses to “Apple’s new must-have: the iPad

  1. It’s a giant iPod Touch essentially.

    As for your comment about reading a book in color (i.e. “Take that, Kindle”) … the first thing I wondered would be if hours of reading from a backlit device like the iPad would cause eyestrain, whereas the Kindle is made without backlighting specifically to reduce eyestrain when reading.

    I’m not being an iPad hater or a Kindle promoter, but just wondering out loud about that issue.

  2. Hmmm…interesting point about the eye strain, James.

    But, when it comes right down to it, who cares about a little eye strain when you’re holding that sweet, shiny iPad in your hands?! It’s like chicks with painfully-high heels, sometimes it really is better to look good than to feel good… 🙂

  3. Alot of bloggers aren’t really happy with the new iPad.There was just 2 much hype regarding it and lots of blogers got turned off.Quite frankly, I actually see great deal of the cool potential of this gadget. Third-party apps for composing music, games, newsprints and magazine and books, all kinds of neat stuff, but IMHO they failed to sell it properly (aside from the books). It feels kind of not finished

  4. Their has been a lot of talk about this little new reading counter part. I think that this will add a new twist to the world of reading. it does have some downsides as it will only run one application at a time, but I think this will be a nice addition to people that love to read digital books. So I welcome the new competition.


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