Happy Halloween, amigos!

With a pre-Halloween party last weekend, tons of candy-giving-out on tap for this weekend and Christine gearing up to make some of her traditionally-badass Halloween cupcakes, this week has pretty much flown by. So, in case I miss the opportunity to tell you all on the actual date…Happy Halloween, amigos!

And in honor of Greta’s first Halloween on the planet I decided to share this hilarious video I shot of her a couple weeks back at our local Target.

Though she laughed and smiled at most of the ghoulie stuff on display, as you can see, the poor thing did not know what to make of that creepy witch. Yikes…I hope she fares better with those spooky laughing Santas come Christmas!


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5 responses to “Happy Halloween, amigos!

  1. Holy crap, that’s awesome.

  2. OMG, hilarious. I’m kinda scared of that witch, too.

  3. Definitely don’t take her to the Do-It Center!

  4. Ha! She’s been to the Do-It Center store a couple of times already, but both visits were BEFORE the scary Halloween statues took over, so, good to know! 🙂

  5. the last time I saw that expression on her face was during the charades round of “Time’s Up” when you were trying to make us guess “Alfred E. Newman”

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